Prepping For Baby 2 – Or More!

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It’s not until you’re pregnant that you finally realise exactly how much money and how much stuff it takes to raise a child. You don’t think much of it when you’re not trying to get pregnant, but when you are you notice the baby paraphernalia everywhere. If you’re a first timer and you’re going through pregnancy with that nervous anticipation of what is ahead for you, then you’ll know you have lists as long as your arms of the things that you need to get for the arrival of your little piece of immortality.

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It’s not until you’re pregnant for the second, third or even fourth time that you realise how much of the baby stuff that you bought the first time around still has the tags on it. The baby bath sits unused in the cupboard with the tags still on, because it was so much easier to just jump in the tub with the baby yourself. The diaper bin is still unopened, because the offensive stench that came with the diapers has meant that you took them straight out to the bin outside instead. The good thing is that with each baby you do more research. You remember what you did the first time and vow to change things for the second time. You check out every blog/and every review for a product and you ask your mom friends before you drop money on it – just in case it’s not worth it. There are a lot of baby items, though, that are still relevant when it comes to that third or fourth baby. Hopefully you’ve kept a lot of what you got the first time around, but if not, it’s time to write those lists again. Ideally, you can get everything you need between your own shopping trips and your baby shower. If not, here are three of the most important things that your new baby needs this time around:

Milestone Cards. You may not have known about them the first two times, but nearly every mom does milestone photographs. A photo per month of their first year so that you can see how they grow like a flicker book of aging is the must-have for a mom. With milestone cards, you can make those monthly pictures that little bit sweeter.

Blankets. You cannot get enough blankets. Babies spit up – a lot – as you well remember, and the more blankets and burp cloths you have, the better. You also need to invest in mattress protectors for the cot, so that you can catch that river of reflux vomit that you didn’t avoid the first time around.

Wrap/Sling. When you have other children in the house, you need your hands free – not possible with a new baby who just won’t be put down. With a woven, light wrap, you can wear your baby around the house and make housework that little bit easier.

Take time to shop around – you’ll know better this time around what will be useful to you. Save yourself some cash!

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