July 2018 Hits & Misses | My Favorites Of The Month

HOW IS THIS YEAR GOING BY SO FAST? Make it stooooop! But, here we are, entering another month of 2018. How crazy is it that it’s almost Fall? I saw pumpkin Peanut Butter cups at the grocery store the other day! Anyways, today I’ll be sharing everything I loved and hated in the month of July. Let’s get started!


  1. I did my first Sage Cleansing this month to get rid of some of the negative energy left behind by former friends. I seriously feel so much better afterwards. I feel happier and lighter and I am finding more joy in regular things. My temper is better. I know it sounds a bit off at first, but seriously – if you have something weighing you down, I highly recommend giving this a shot!
  2. I got a pedicure for the first time in forever – I normally just get my acrylics filled. But, I really wanted to treat myself (and what better time than vacation time?), so I went ahead and got that treat. It was just such a nice self-care opportunity and I felt so relaxed afterwards. And of course, my kids love checking out what color Mommy’s nails are today 🙂
  3. Speaking of my kids – they are just too damn cute. The older kids are always so happy to cheer the baby up when shes upset. When she gets fussy in the car (and there’s not much I can do :/), Gibson and Monroe both start to play peek-a-boo with her from their car seats and she switches from crying to giggling super quick! It’s so great to be able to see them bond already.
  4. Costco! – I don’t know why I was so against Costco in the beginning – I think I just got too attached to Sam’s Club. But Costco seriously is just so great. They have such a large selection of things that I didn’t even know that I needed!
  5. My husband 🙂 After everything that has happened this month, and all the life-changing events that have taken place, it is just amazing to know that I have such a solid rock in my corner. He always helps out, even when it really isn’t necessary and he does so much to make sure his family is provided for – all of our needs AND our wants. I am just so grateful for him everyday.


  1. The Young & Hungry Season Finale. Seriously, what was that garbage? I don’t want to give it away if you haven’t seen it yet, BUT WHAT DID JOSH SAY? Why did I spend four years watching that to have it end like that?!?! WHY.
  2. I haven’t really gotten to cook a whole lot this month because we have been so damn busy that we have been relying on quick & easy meals. I’m hoping in August I’ll get some more cooking time in!
  3. Teething – who decided this, for real? I feel so bad for Ramsey, but she is really being a trooper through all of this. I just wish I could take that pain from her. My poor little baby :(.

What have you been loving this month? What’s been grinding your gears?

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