3 Kitchen Items To Improve Your Cooking Today!

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If you want to be a better chef, then you should be aware that much of your ability to cook actually lies with what equipment you are using. When you have the very best equipment, it means that you are more likely to be able to cook well and for longer, so this is something that you need to think about if that is really what you want to achieve. The truth is that for most people it can take many years to build up a good collection of kitchen and cookery items, and yet you will need to do so if you do want to be able to cook a wide range of different foods at home. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the items which you should consider getting hold of if you want to be able to cook vastly different things or cook much better. As long as you have these, you will be in a much better position with your own cooking.

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Meat Thermometer

When you are cooking a proper cut of meat, it can often be difficult to determine when you think it is done, and when it might need a little longer. One of the best ways to do this is to use a meat thermometer, as with every kind of meat, and every cut, there is a certain temperature you need to get it to to ensure that it is cooked properly. As long as you know that temperature for the kind of meat you are cooking, you then don’t have to worry – all you need to do is stick your thermometer in it and see if it has come up to the desired heat yet. As long as that happens, it i’ll be perfectly cooked, no matter how long it has actually been on the heat. A meat thermometer can suddenly transform your meat dishes into something spectacular, so it is definitely worth considering this if you cook a lot of proper meat in your household.


Cooking the likes of steaks and burgers inside on the hob can produce good enough results, but generally you will find that they are missing a little something. That little something might be the grilled effect that you would get from using a barbeque. If you feel that you want to improve the way you cook burgers, steaks and so on, then one great way to do so is to use a griddle and grill pans in order to do so. A griddle is essentially just a heavy-bottomed pan which has grill lines on it, so you are effectively frying and grilling at the same time – or you can move it from the hob to the grill to get both kind of effects. You might not think that using  particular kind of pan can make that much difference, but you would be surprised. It actually helps to produce more texture that you want with these meats, which in turn means that the whole experience of eating them is vastly improved.

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Pestle & Mortar

If you make a lot of curries or soups, then you will know what a long time it can take to have to cut up and crush the many spices and herbs that you need for them. However, with a pestle and mortar you can make light work on anything of this sort, and this absolutely has to be one of the best go-to tools that any home cook can have. With a pestle and mortar, not only can you deal with spices in a second, but you can also use it to effectively crush garlic, pound out your own pastes, and much more besides. You probably want a marble or stone one mostly if you are to get the best results, as wooden ones do not really do it as well. And you should consider getting one which is fairly large so that you can fit plenty in it at any one time. If you like, you might even benefit form having two of different sizes for different occasions. In any case, it’s a tool which can save you a lot of time and bring a lot more flavour to a number of dishes.

As long as you make use of the above, you should find that you can effectively improve your cooking to a surprising amount. Although they are only tools, they are ones which can really help you to keep your cooking where you want it to be, so it’s worth thinking about in those terms.

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    Best long term investment: The longest lasting kitchen tool we have ever bought is a Kitchen-Aid mixer. My wife’s had hers for almost 30 years I think.

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