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Okay guys – I have good news and bad news. Today, I’m going to be sharing the Makeup Geek Purple Passions Mystery Box, my first impressions, a wear test and more. The bag news is that this box is actually sold out now. But, the good news is that these products are still available individually, so I’ll have everything linked down below if you see something that you have to have!

This mystery box retailed for $20.00. I actually had a coupon code for the site that brought my cost down to $18.00! I saw someone share this on Instagram, and I immediately went and grabbed one. I am a huge fan of purple shades, so this definitely had to be mine.

This mystery box included:

+ Pressed Eyeshadow Pan in Vintage ($6)
+ Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in Hype ($10)
+ Pressed Eyeshadow Pan in Taboo ($6)
+ Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan in Blacklight ($6)
+ Showstopper Lip Creme in Grapevine ($10)
+ Iconic Lipstick in Savvy ($12)

So, I’m obviously loving that all of these shades are purple! And the value isn’t half bad either. I paid $18 for $50 worth of product. And I’m especially excited because I haven’t actually tried anything by Makeup Geek before – a rarity in my world.

So on this day, I tested out the Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in Hype ($10), the Pressed Eyeshadow Pan in Vintage ($6), and the Showstopper Lip Creme in Grapevine ($10). For anyone that gets freaked out by the thought of purple, I do truly believe that it is a wearable color. The only other shades I used on my eyes were two neutral shades (one to set my primer and one to highlight under my brow) – otherwise I only used these two purple eyeshadow shades. They blended sooo amazingly, and they lasted all day (granted, I did use a primer). This creme stain is seriously so amazing. It faded evenly throughout the day, but it left behind the most beautiful lighter shade as it faded. This is definitely a new favorite.

On this day, I wore the Pressed Eyeshadow Pan in Taboo ($6), the Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan in Blacklight ($6) and the Iconic Lipstick in Savvy ($12). This duochrome eyeshadow is seriously everything. It is so gorgeous and it’s super easy to decide how bright or subdued you want your look to go. This lipstick went on a bit patchy, but it was easily fixed. It faded evenly throughout the day just like the creme stain. I do personally prefer the creme stain, but this was pretty good.



I’m really impressed by these cosmetics. I can’t believe that I have gone this long without trying out Makeup Geek. All of the products are really nice quality, and they’re all quite affordable. I love supporting smaller brands like this, and I’m really not seeing many cons. Really nice and mature purples are hard to do, so I really give this brand kudos for pulling it off. I highly recommend!

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