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Ofra Cosmetics is one of my favorites brands. They make beautiful, quality cosmetics. Their liquid lipsticks are some of my favorites, so when I saw that Ulta had these online only Ofra Cosmetics Lip Sets, I had to snatch them up! They are a great value, and the there is a color selection for everyone. Let’s take a look!

The first set is called Island Time. These sets cost $35.00 (a single liquid lipstick from Ofra is $17.00, so this is a really great deal!).

Now, I do want to mention that on the Ulta website, this product is shown in the new Ofra packaging, but it was shown that way when I ordered this too and I did receive the old packaging. So if that is something that matters to you, just be wary.

The shades in this trio are:

Aruba – a warm rosy-peach.
Cocos Island – a salmon matte.
Rio – a warm peach matte.

These shades are beautiful. Aruba is a gorgeous metallic, but the formula of these is so creamy and nice. They are long lasting and fade evenly. Even the metallic is very wearable, which is an issue I normally have with metallic shades. If you like shades in this color range, I would definitely grab this set!

This next set is called Vintage Vineyard. These shades are named after famous wine capitols around the world. This is a much darker shade range than the Island Time Lip Set. These have beautiful undertones and I think they’d work well with a variety of skintones.

The shades in this set are:

Bordeaux – a blackberry matte.
Cape Town – a light plum matte.
Tuscany – a mauve-red matte.

As far as darker shades go, I do find these very wearable in the right settings. For me, that would be everyday! 🙂 Once again, the quality of these is amazing – they are so creamy and pigmented, buttery and smooth. This is a great set for all lovers of darker lips!

The last set I have is The Nudes. This set includes a “nude for every mood”. I love nude lip colors, so this is probably my favorite set out of the three that I picked up.

The shades in this set are:

Bel Air – a go-to peachy nude.
Dubai – a true beige nude that is completely neutral.
Manila – a rosy nude.

Bel Air is a cult favorite shade from Ofra, so I’m really excited that this shade was included in this set.

These shades are super moisturizing, very pigmented and incredibly soft in texture. I love the range of nude shades this set included and if you love nude shades, definitely pick this set up.


I kept the reviews short and sweet with these, but it’s pretty simple guys: if you like the shades, BUY THEM. It’s a great value, they’re all full sized and they are such good quality! I’m so happy I picked them up, they are the perfect new additions to my collection.

What’s your favorite Ofra Liquid Lipstick shade? Are you picking any of these up?

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