The Things You Should Be Buying From The Men’s Section

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Have you noticed that men’s casual wear tends to be better than what are on offer to us ladies? If not, just take a walk around the men’s section of any clothing store and you may be surprised how much choice in clothes they have for relaxing. You may well be tempted to but some of them for yourself, and why not, men’s clothes often look very good on women. An added bonus is that generally, an item in the men’s section will be cheaper than something similar in the ladies department.

There is a perfectly good reason for this, but for the moment, just take advantage of it and look in the men’s department before you stroll around the ladies clothes.


Men’s shirts are made in a different way to the ones being sold to us women. For a start, they do not have so many seams to stick in you, and they are a better shape. It is hard to find button down shirts for women, but the makers of men’s clothes have got this down to a fine art.

In fact, at one of the menswear specialists, such as John Henric US, you will have more choice of shirts than you could have imagined, and they will probably be of better quality than the ones you usually buy. That means you may well never buy a ladies shirt again.

Large Sweaters

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If you buy a ladies sweater a couple of sizes too big, that is just what it looks like – that you have purchased the wrong size. For some reason though, put on a men’s oversized sweater and it looks great, as well as keeping you warm and letting you put layers underneath if you need them.

Men’s sweaters tend to be of a better quality than women’s as well so that oversized men’s sweater you buy will last you longer.

Tuxedo Blazers

These look really stylish no matter what gender you are. You can wear them with your jeans or over an evening gown and the effect is just as attractive. They may be a little long in the arms when you buy them from the men’s section, but just get a tailor to adjust the sleeves for you, or wear it casually over your shoulders.

Men’s Watches

It was men’s watches that inspired the trend for large watches for ladies, but why not just buy the real thing? You will find there is more choice and although the band might be a little big, you can get that adjusted at any jewelers. They often have clearer faces than women’s watches, and there is something about a large watch on a ladies wrist that suggests power.

Men Have It Easier

Men have it a lot easier when it comes to clothing. There is not so much choice, which means they do not spend hours pouring over which shirt to buy, but what is available for them is generally a better quality and looks more attractive than the options for women. Next time you are buying yourself some new clothes, look in the men’s section first.

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