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Oh my gosh, you guys! Home has been crazy these last two weeks. We are painting our entire house and re-doing several rooms. I’ve been posting updates on Instagram (@mommymessmer) if you’re interested in the journey! But, I figured I’d give you some updates here as well, since I haven’t been as active on the blog as I like to be with everything going on. The good news is that I will be back in full force on Monday!

This is literally what my living room looks like right now. It’s so crazy! Especially with the kids running around and still having to have regular meals and try to stick to their routines.

This is definitely the low point of the process. But, this is the last “section” of house we have to do. We have been working on the office and bedrooms, most of which are done. As we finish them up, I am posting full room reveals on Instagram! I am loving how they are turning out. Gibson’s will be taking the longest because of a special surprise we had custom ordered that will take a couple of months to get here, but otherwise we are moving along at a really nice speed!

Now if I can only use my stove again, life would be great! The kids are loving the chaos though. Naptime, however, is suffering. Le sigh. Alls well that ends well though. The house is coming along great, and we are hoping to have most everything done by this weekend!

Are you doing any home improvement projects? Have you ever painted your house?

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