Questions To Define Your Personal Style

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Some people can express their personal sense of style with ease, while for others, it is not quite as simple. If you are still not quite sure of it, never fear. It is not too late to discover it. One of the main advantages of finding your sense of style is that you feel more confident in yourself as you aren’t worrying so much about the way you look. So, to help you in your quest to find your sense of style, here are a few of the main questions which you should ask yourself.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

First of all, you can have a go at coming up with a few words to describe your own sense of style. It can help you out to define it a little better. For example, it could be traditional, classic, bohemian, eccentric, sporty…the list is endless. Once you have a few of these words, you can start to recognise a pattern in the theme or style of the clothing that you select. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to box yourself in and only go for clothing which fits in with these words.

What Do You Want Your Style to Say?

The whole point of choosing a type of style is that it says something about yourself. The way you dress is certainly a form of communication. Ask yourself what you would like people to think about you based only on the way that you dress. Perhaps you want to come off as innovative, professional, casual, quirky, confident etc. It may be that you want quite a generic look or one which is highly personal to you using personalised clothing such as a name plate necklace. Again, you can start to write these words down as a way of defining your style more clearly.

Who Are Your Fashion Inspirations?

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It can help you out to look online at some of the people who inspire you and emulate their style in some way. This doesn’t mean that you have to copy exactly what they are doing, but there is nothing wrong with ‘borrowing’ one or two elements of their fashion sense to add to your own look. It may not even have to be celebrities. You can also draw inspiration from the people in your own life. You could ask some questions about their own style choices. If anything, they are likely to be flattered!

Where Do You Go First When Shopping?

To start with, you can think about your favourite stores. What is the overall sense of style or vibe which you get from these places? Would you say that you fit the description of a typical shopper there? Next up, you can think closer to the first items which you naturally gravitate towards when you are at the shops. It may be that you go straight to the casual clothes or you prefer something altogether smarter.

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