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Hey all! I’ve had some requests to do a makeup collection/storage + organization post, which I do plan on doing, but I figured that today I would tackle a project in the same vein that I have been putting off forever. And that is reorganizing + cleaning out my acrylic drawer set. This set actually sits on top of my main storage for my makeup collection.

My pictures in this post aren’t the best, so please excuse them. I ended up doing this project at nighttime.


I am so in love with this drawer set. I picked it up from Amazon. (You can find it here.) It is a bit pricey, but the price does drop periodically. I watched it for a bit and grabbed one when the price dropped considerably. It’s amazing quality though and it does come with a flip-top lid and a couple of removable inserts that you can customize your drawers with.


The top drawer of this set is where I store all of my lip balms + my lip masks. I have way too many though and for whatever reason, like 30 Burt’s Bees limited edition chapsticks from last Christmas? Either way, I really wanted to clear this drawer out and get rid of some excess products that I know I won’t use.


The first thing that I do every time I organize something. I take everything out of the drawer/closet/what have you. I put it all in a pile, sort, declutter and clean everything up. It definitely makes the process easier and is really helpful when decluttering because you can see everything you have, and it makes you touch everything (Konmari-style!).


This is my finished lippie drawer. I love how nicely everything is laid out and now I can see all of the products, which definitely makes my life easier when I need to grab a chapstick or a lip mask.


The next drawer is my lip palette/potted lip product drawer. I followed the same process as before and removed everything from the drawer and sorted through it. I didn’t end up decluttering anything from this drawer, but I did clean everything up and re-organize all the products. . .


and this is the after! There not be a huge noticeable difference, but sometimes small changes make the biggest differences.

The next two drawers hold my face palettes – palettes that contain a variety of face products: powders, blushes, highlights, etc. Obviously, I have a decent amount of these and I love to grab these kinds of palettes on days that I need to take my makeup with me or I’m just in a hurry. It really saves time vs grabbing several individual products. Plus, some of them are limited edition or collectible – like the gorgeous cheek palettes from Benefit that I seem to collect like crazy.


These are the re-organized drawers. These particular drawers are getting pretty full, which makes me happy and sad at the same time. I didn’t end up decluttering anything from these drawers either, since I actually use all of these on a pretty regular basis.


The last drawer in this set is where I store my mini eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow singles/pigments. I do have a couple of smaller organizers that I picked up from Amazon to help keep this drawer neat since it is so deep.


This is the “after”! I did end up decluttering a couple of my eyeshadows from this drawer, and fixed the mini organizers that I have in here to make the drawer more efficient overall. I love how easily accessible all of these eye shadows are now, and I’m very pleased with the results! 🙂


This unit also has a top level that has a lid. I personally keep the lid opened and folded back, so you can’t see it because I prefer to keep some tall products in this section. I use this section to store my setting sprays, my lip sealers, my foundation mix-ins and my lip scrubs. I recently went through my entire makeup collection and got rid of all of the packaging, so I knew that in addition to decluttering/organizing this top level, I wanted to clear out all of the original, bulky packaging.


And here is the after! I did end up decluttering several thing from this top level and I love how organized it is now! That packaging really does take up a lot of space, and it doesn’t always look the best.

Anyways, my full makeup collection storage + organization overview is coming soon, but I hope you enjoyed this re-organization post! I definitely recommend acrylic drawers if you are the type of person that likes to have beauty products on display.

What do you think of acrylic drawers for makeup? What organization projects have you worked on recently?

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