Makeup Collection Storage & Organization 2018 [PIC HEAVY!]

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I’ve had a few requests to share my makeup collection and give some storage + organization tips, so I figured no time like the present. I would like to say, before we start that I have been a collector of makeup for years. I also used to run a beauty blog before I had my kids + I ran a beauty article for a local magazine so I have been fortunate enough to receive a lot of PR over the years. Plus, my friends + family know about my love (read: obsession) for makeup, so I do tend to get spoiled around the holidays. My point is, yes. I am aware this is a ridiculous collection. I declutter on a regular basis and weed out expired makeup consistently. However, this is one of my favorite things in life and it’s all well taken care of. So, let’s just enjoy! You only get one life, anyways.

I store all of my makeup in these Ikea Alex 9-drawer sets ($159). I use a few different organizers inside of the drawers, but I’ll list them all here (and they’re all available on Amazon):

+ STORi Break-Resistant Plastic Drawer Organizers 6″ x 3″ x 2″ l Set of 6
+ Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers 6″ x 6″ x 2″ l Set of 6
+ byAlegory Acrylic Makeup Palette Organizer With Removable Dividers | 10 Spaces Fits All Palette Sizes
+ Clear Plastic Desk Drawer Organizers 9″ x 3″ x 2″ l Set of 6
+ Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers 9″ x 6″ x 2″ l Set of 3
+ Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers 12″ x 6″ x 2″ l 

I have the lips of each drawer labeled, as you’ll see in the below pictures. I just used my personal label maker to do this. I didn’t add any borders because I like the plain, concise look. But, one of the most important things to remember in organizing anything is that if you like it and think it’s cute, that will go a long way in motivating you to keep it clean and neat!

This is my Face Primers drawer. I store my minis in one containers, my drugstore primers in another container, and then I store my high end primers in the open space in the drawer.

This is my Foundation drawer. It’s actually really similar to the Face Primer drawer for simplicity sakes, with larger bottles/tubes on the side.

This is my Concealers/Color Corrects drawer. I sort my concealers my wand applicator, potted concealers, stick concealers, tube concealers, color correct concealers and concealer palettes. This way I can easily find whatever kind of concealer I’m looking for.

This is my Face Powders/Mattifyers drawer. I don’t have much of a system in here. I just keep the loose face powders in their own container and then the mattifyers on the side.

This is my Bronzers/Coutours drawer. I separate out minis, palette, regular bronzers and creme or liquid bronzers. There is a method to the madness, I promise.

This is my Liquid Highlights drawer. I like leaving myself some room to grow. This door is primarily sorted by packaging type.

This is my Powder Highlight drawer. This drawer got organized pretty much based on what would fit where.

This is my Cream Blush drawer. This drawer is organized by packaging type. Potted cream blushes, applicator blushes, palettes, etc.

This is my Powder Blush drawer. This drawer is organized primarily by brand so that like packaging is together. Palettes are on the side and the back. And then minis are also stored in a little container.

This is the Brows drawers. These are all sorted by “type” of eyebrow products with eyebrow palettes at the front.

This is the Eyeshadow Base drawer. This one is also organized by type. Applicator eyeshadow bases, pencils, potted bases, lid primers, tube primers + bases. As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. They’re definitely a must have for me.

This is my liner drawer. I store my potted liners, liquid liners and glitter liners in the front and sides. In the containers are (from front to back) neutral liners, high end black liners, drugstore black liners, blue liners, and purple/misc colored liners.

This is my Mascara drawer. In the container on the left are all of my open mascaras. The rest of the drawer is new mascaras that haven’t been opened yet.

This drawer is my Face/Shadow Palettes. These are palettes that are a combo of eyeshadows and face products.

This drawer contains nothing but Urban Decay palettes. Again, one of my must-haves. They make some of the best quality palettes that I have ever used.

This drawer is an Eyeshadow Palettes drawer. In this drawer, I keep my Too Faced palettes and my Juvia’s Place palettes. I also have my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette hidden in there.

This is the second Eyeshadow Palette drawer. This one is primarily the brands that I have more than one palette from. Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lorac, It Cosmetics, Stila, The Balm, etc.

And the last Eye Shadow Palettes drawer has my random eyeshadow palettes + all of my Makeup Revolution palettes.

This is my Lip Primer drawer. I have my primers in one container and the rest of the containers contain my lip liners, all sorted by color family. On the side I have brushes and lip tools.

This is my Drugstore Lip Gloss drawer. These are mainly sorted by brand/packaging.

This is my High End Lip Gloss drawer. This is sorted the same as my Drugstore Lip Gloss drawer.

This is my Lip Pencil drawer. This one is a bit more confusing. There isn’t a true organization method in this drawer, but it makes sense to me which is important!

This is my Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks drawer. This is mainly sorted by brand and what will fit where! 🙂

This is my Highend Liquid Lipstick drawer. This one is literally organized based on what would fit where. Everything is just kind of crammed into this drawer and organized the best way I possibly can.

This drawer is my Drugstore Lipsticks. My lipsticks in this drawer and the next are organized the same so I’ll explain at the next picture!

This is my High End Lipstick drawer! So these drawers are actually organized alphabetically. It’s alphabetized by: Brand Name, then Collection, then shade. It’s a bit much, but it makes me smile!

This last drawer is my Nails drawer. I store treatments and tools in my containers and then my polishes are just in the empty drawer space.

How do you organize your makeup? Do you something besides the Alex units from Ikea?

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