How To Stop Your Kids From Craving Junk Food

Every parent knows that you shouldn’t feed your kids junk food all the time, but that doesn’t stop kids from wanting it. There are adverts all over the place and kids are very susceptible to it. They’ll start hassling you to stop the car every time you drive past a fast food place. The sensible thing to do is hold firm and say no but that’s going to end in an argument a lot of the time. When you’re exhausted and you’re at the end of your tether, you’re likely to give in sometimes. But if you can stop your kids from craving the bad food in the first place and turn them onto healthier options, your life will be so much easier. Here are some simple ways you can do it.

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Always Carry Healthy Snacks

Kids are easily distracted so if you have a healthy alternative on hand when you’re out and about, they’ll soon forget about the junk food they’re asking for. If you’re out at the store and they’re asking you to buy them sweets, you can offer them a healthy snack instead. They might be a bit disappointed that they didn’t get what they asked for, but they’ll settle for the healthy snack and probably stop hassling you. Half the time, they just need something to eat, not necessarily the sweets they’re asking for. If you’re already carrying around diapers and a load of other stuff, have a look at this great diaper bag for dads, it’s got plenty of room for everything you need, including a load of healthy snacks and it still looks cool. Being prepared is half the battle when you’re trying to stop your kids from eating junk food.

Make Alternatives To Their Favourite Junk Food

If you’re driving past a Mcdonalds and the kids are begging you to stop and get a burger, they’re not going to be pleased if you just say no and that’s the end of it. But if you can offer them healthy alternatives to satisfy a Big Mac craving when you get home, they’re more likely to accept that compromise. You can still give them the burger they want, but a homemade one with healthier ingredients, without all of the additives and sugar that you find in junk food. Eventually, they’ll come to want the healthier alternative rather than the junk food option.

Make It A Treat

The key to a good diet is moderation. It’s ok to eat junk food occasionally, it only becomes a problem when you start eating it all of the time. You need to start instilling that attitude toward food in your kids from a young age. The best way to do that is by treating junk food as a treat. On birthdays or if they’ve done something good at school, for example, you can take them out for a burger. That way, they’ll start to understand it’s a treat that you should have on occasion and not something you can eat every day.

If you can start changing your child’s attitude toward junk food early on, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

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