The Best Box For Essential Oil Newbies | October 2018 Essentially Simple Box Review!

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Essentials oils are sweeping the nation. Everyone I know uses them in some way or another, including my own family. My husband has gotten super into essential oil diffusers after being gifted one from his mom. Now, we have several throughout the house that are always going! Since learning about this one method, I’ve always been curious about other uses for essential oils, but the “EO” world is so large now, I never really knew where to begin. Luckily, I was sent an e-mail from Essentially Simple Box about a new box that they were launching – today! And now I’m hooked. This is exactly what I needed to delve deeper into the benefits of essential oils and the various applications for them.

Essentially Simple Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers one new 100% therapeutic-grade oil with recipes for home, body & health.

This month’s theme is “Relaxation” and the point of this month is to teach you how to incorporate Lavender into everyday life. They included an information card – look at how many items are listed!

They also included an envelope full of information! One of the cool things in this envelope was a card that explains that all of the containers in this box are recyclable – and if you are unable to recycle it, it gives you instructions on how to send the containers back to them (for FREE!) so that they can recycle the containers for you! I’m so impressed with this company for offering that option!

It also came with instruction cards for the projects that this box will have you create, a card with information about how Essential Oils are made, some coupon codes, and a card with a ton of information about the selected scent this month! It was really cool learning more about all of the benefits of Lavender! Did you know that lavender has been documented to improve concentration and menal acuity?

They also included an Essential Oil Basic Dilution Reference Chart ($2 listed value) and an Essential Oils Basic Booklet by EOTools ($5 listed value). These were really good for me since I am new to the essential oil world. These are both jam-packed with great tips and information about dilution, storage, recipes and so much more.

And now, we get into the really fun part – the oils! This month came with a Young Living Lavender Vitality Essential Oil ($15.79 listed value) and 3 Young Living Lemon Essential Oil Sample Sachets ($15.13 listed value). I am a huge lavender fan, so I am stoked that this month was lavender month! And lemon is always really complimentary with lavender, so I can’t wait to see what they will have us do with these two oils!

The first “project” item are the Tumblewool Organic Wool Dryer Balls ($25 value). I actually use wool dryer balls with all of my kids laundry since it isn’t recommended to use fabric softener on kids clothes. I have heard that you can add a couple drops of essential oils to wool dryer balls to provide some scent to your laundry. I think that’s such a great alternative for kids clothes! I have had great luck with the dryer balls for my kids clothes, and adding scent can only make it better!

Next up, we have some “ingredient” items to be used in some projects: They send some Plant Therapy Fractionated Coconut Oil ($19.95 listed value), Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner ($9.99 listed value), Dixie Crystals Organic Pure Cane Sugar ($5.99 listed value), Kevala Unrefined Organic Sunflower Oil ($22.75 listed value), Banyan Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil ($16.99 listed value), Dried Organic French Lavender Flower Buds ($2 listed value) and Dried Organic Lemon Rinds ($2 listed value).

Whew. So many goodies! I love that this box gives you the supplies to make your own essential oil items. It has a total DIY vibe and that is just so exciting to me! It’s super easy to involve my kids and let them help make everything and gives us another “crafting” session to look forward to each month! And, speaking of supplies to make everything. . .

They also send the containers! Here we have a Pipette, Funnel, EO bottle opener, and Vitaflex Glass and Plastic Container ($9 listed value). But of course, that’s not all . . . .

The also included Stickers for Projects, a Rollerball and a Spritzer. They seriously thought of everything – do to the labels for each completed project. Which, by the way, are much cuter than the labels I normally come up with – but you’ll see more of that in a minute.

This box includes instructions and supplies for four projects: Angel’s Breath Lavender & Lemon Essential Oil Blend Spritz, Relax, Don’t Worry Lavender Roller Ball Blend, Angel’s Breath Lavender & Lemon Essential Oil Body Sugar Scrub, and Gentle Lavender Essential Oil Makeup Remover.

Now, if you’ll notice, the wool dryer balls aren’t even on that list! That’s just an extra! I figured testing out all of these projects would be a bit much for one blog post, but I did want to try out at least one project just to get an idea of difficulty, effectiveness, etc.

I decided to make the Angel’s Breath Lavender & Lemon Essential Oil Blend Spritz.

Use Lavender as part of your evening routine or to just freshen up the room with a calm and soothing scent.

I use air fresheners all day every day, so this seemed like the obvious choice for me to try out first.

The instructions were super easy –

In a 2oz spritz bottle, combine both same sachetts of lemon with 10 drops of lavender. Add half of the bottle of witch hazel. Top off with filtered, bottled or distilled water. Replace top back on and give your bottle a good shake before using.

They also gave some suggestions of other oils you could use for this. So I mixed it all up and added the label they included. . .

LOOK AT HOW CUTE THIS IS! I love it. And the label has a little ingredient list! This was seriously so easy, it took about 4 minutes from start to finish! These are the DIY projects that I need in my life. I did test it out on my couch, and my husband actually commented on it when he got home! He was impressed with how fresh everything smelled, but without the artificial scent that most air fresheners have.


This box claims to have a value over $160, which is absolutely phenomenal. But as we all know, ARV isn’t the most important thing to me. It’s convenience. It’s being introduced to new products and ideas. It’s new experiences. And this box hits every check for me. I love the DIY aspect, I love have healthy products in my home, I love that they have thought of absolutely everything, I love having such an easy introduction into the vast world of Essential Oils.

I definitely recommend this if you like easy DIYS, Essential Oils or trying new things. It’s been a great experience for me!

What do you think of this box? Make sure to check them out at their website right here!

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