Fall Scents Are In! | Grove Collaborative Haul + Free 5PC Mrs. Meyer’s Gift Set!

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Have you guys ever found cleaning products that you love because they smell good? My husband loves the smell of cleaning products that contain bleach. He thinks bleach smells “clean”. I love cleaning products that smell good and home-y and cozy. Every season, Mrs. Meyers comes out with new seasonal limited-edition scents of their basic cleaners & every season I hunt them down. This season, it’s Mum, Pumpkin & Apple Cider. Seriously. I can clean and my counters will smell like apple cider. Sign me up! They are sold in Target stores, but I can never find them in my Target stores. Like, ever. Drag. So, I turn to trusty Grove Co. They offer hundreds of all-natural cleaning & personal care products at discounted prices and are very generous with their freebies.

For a limited time, Grove Collaborative is offering a FREE 5-piece Mrs. Meyers gift with your purchase + a free trial of their VIP membership (which is way easy to cancel, by the way). This is such a great deal and I knew when I came across this offer that I had to jump on board! So let’s see what I picked up + what freebies Grove Co offers!

The first thing I picked up was of course, one of the new Mrs. Meyer’s scents. This is the Mrs. Meyer’s Fall Seasonal Kit in Mum ($18.99). This includes four full size products: A Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, a Hand Soap, a Dish Soap, and a Scented Soy Candle. I think that’s great for less than $20! And this mum scent smells so incredible! A lightly floral scent, it just sends me straight outside in the Fall Time – which definitely makes doing the dishes easier!

Since I picked up the other limited edition scent that I wanted as part of my freebies (which I’m going to talk about in a minute – and yes, you get to choose your scent!), I scoped out the site to see if there was anything else that I wanted to try out.

I came across this Counter Culture – Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner & Air + Fabric Refresh Set ($11.99). I picked the scent Geranium. These cleaners are made with probiotics and scented using only essential oils, so they’re supposed to be a super safe way to clean, especially if you have animals and kids. I’m used to primarily using chemical cleaners, so I really wanted to try these out and test their effectiveness since safer is obviously the better option.

I only purchased two other things – I picked up a bottle of the Hello – Kids Organic Watermelon Fluoride Free Rinse ($5.99). We have been wanting to get Gibson used to using mouthwash for a while, but he is having a hard time understanding the need to spit it out, so we are trying to stay away from rinses that contain fluoride. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I came across this! The exact thing I’ve been looking for for months! This is safe to swallow, but obviously not recommended.

I also picked up the Method Laundry Fragrance Boosters in Beach Sage ($9.99). These are recommended by everyone it feels like. I’ve heard they work so much better & smell better than the Tide or Gain laundry boosters, so I decided to give them a shot. Beach Sage seems to be the most popular scent that I’ve seen people talk about. To be honest, I haven’t tried these in the laundry yet, but the scent reminds me of Vicks Vapo Rub. Like, not in a good way. I’m hoping the scent will disperse and somehow smell better after they’ve been washed? Has anyone else tried these? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

Now onto the good part – the FREEBIES! Grove Co seriously spoils me. I do believe based on advertisements that the 5-piece gift set has changed, but it’s similar to this. This is what I was able to get with the order that I placed. And I somehow got a 6th gift thrown in! You’ll have to let me know if you have the same luck on your order!

I got the Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy ($14.99). This does seem a bit small for a cleaning caddy to me – I normally use way more cleaning products than would comfortably fit in this, but I do have some plans for it – either in my guest bath to hold towels or in my bathroom for storage maybe? Either way, I’m so happy to have this because it is so simple and adorable that it will definitely fit in with most decor themes & is functional and practical.

I also got three Mrs. Meyers cleaning products: a Multi-Surface Cleaner ($3.89) and a Dish Soap ($3.89). I chose pumpkin scents for these, because it’s Fall time, ya’ll! The pumpkin smells so incredible and I really don’t understand why more companies don’t do this. I also was able to grab one of Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soaps ($3.89). I almost got this in the pumpkin scent, but I saw this Compassion Flower scent, and I was really interested. This scent is a Grove Exclusive. It’s a hybrid of pansy & a spreading viola. It is more of a springtime scent, but it’s so fresh and the packaging is the cutest thing ever, so I’m cool with it.

The last two freebies I got were very useful, which was appreciated. I got the Grove Co Walnut + Cellulose Scrubber Sponge ($3.95). This is a 2-pack and these are made from renewable plant materials. These are great sponges – they work really well and the scrubby side is really nice for getting off hard residues easily. Sponges are always useful, so this was a great freebie to use.

And the last freebie was one that I was really surprised about – its the Grove Co 16OZ Spray Bottle with Silicone Sleeve ($12.95). These are really nice, lightweight glass bottles that are great for mixing your own cleaning products in or even decanting the Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products if that is your game. Grove Co also sells concentrate cleaning mixes that are awesome to use in these! And the silicone sleeves come in a variety of colors!

Have you ever ordered from Grove Co? What is your favorite Mrs. Meyer’s scent?

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