No Fly Travel Options For Parents With Children

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Yes, you love your kids, but unless you’re one of those rare lucky people, you know that you don’t want to spend much (/any) time with them 40,000 feet up in the air. It’s not the most pleasant way to start what should be a relaxing vacation! So if you’ve got children, are the only options staying at home or tolerating a few hours of madness aboard a flight? No, there’s a third option – take a vacation that doesn’t require flying! We take a look at four flightless options below.


The Great Outdoors

You likely spend all your time in an urban area, why not head to the great outdoors for a few days? For starters, your kids will love it. There’s nothing that gets children as hyped up as roaming freely in the great outdoors. You’ll find that they enjoy it just as much as anywhere you could have taken them on a plane! It’s also a cost-effective option if you’re watching the budget, too. While you’ll have to buy the tent and the essential camping initially, the per-night cost of spending a night under the stars is virtually non-existent.

On the Road

The reason people fly isn’t that they love the process; it’s because it allows them to visit places that are far away from home. You do have another option when it comes to traveling long distances, however, and that’s driving. Now, you’re not going to speed across the country all in one go. The journey will be part of the fun! For this type of travel, it’s worthwhile having a travel trailer like the Rockwood Roo 233S. That way, you’ll be able to plot your path to your end-destination knowing that you’ve always got a bed with you. 


We think that we have to travel to destinations that are far away when it comes to a vacation, but this isn’t true! Wherever you live, there’ll be areas located within an easy driving distance that you never knew about, and which could make a great trip. The appeal of this type of travel is you only need a weekend. You could leave on a Friday evening, spend all of Saturday exploring, then return home on the Sunday evening. An affordable mini-break for the whole family nice. 

City Breaks

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere – let’s say, remote Alaska – then there’s going to be a large, happening city nearby to you. If you’re on the east coast, then these cities will be easily accessible by train. It gets a bit more difficult in other regions, but it’s not impossible, though you might have to take a coach from time to time.

On the High Seas

Finally, why not leave the skies behind, and head for the water? There’s many family-friendly cruises available, and they can offer bags of fun. You’ll still be trapped on a mode of transportation from which there is no escaping your kids, but cruise ships are huge – it’s like being in a city

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