Fall Hair Care 101 Feat. Phillip Adam Haircare

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So I’m a big believe in switching up products with the change of seasons. In the Fall, I like to give my hair & skin a little more TLC. I up my mask game, I use thicker body creams instead of lotions, I use hair masks a lot more, and (as we all know), I use more ACV hair products. Apple Cider Vinegar products are always used in my hair care routine, but in the Fall I always find myself using them a little bit more to keep my hair hydrated and luscious.

Phillip Adam sent me their Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Conditioner to try out (thanks Phillip Adam!). I’ve tried out a lot of apple cider vinegar products over the past few years, and they provide so many wonderful benefits to hair that I cannot get enough of. And, I might be in the minority here, but I LOVE the scent of apple cider vinegar products!

Phillip Adam offer these products in a tangy green apple scent, fragrance free, verbena sage, and orange vanilla. They also offer a shampoo for curly hair and a conditioner for thirsty hair that is infused with argan oil! Their prices are fair, with the price point for a 355ml conditioner being about $15!

I used both of these for a week and I adore them! As everyone knows, I don’t *love* this type of packaging, but the larger bottles do come with pumps, which is awesome! These left my hair smelling amazing, feel so cleansed and squeaky clean, and feeling so amazingly soft. I cannot get over what apple cider vinegar does to hair and Phillip Adam has really set the bar high with this formula. The shampoo has a really nice lather and rinses out so evenly. It makes my hair shiny and bouncy. It is also really good at removing all the product buildup from your roots – one of my favorite benefits! The conditioner really helped to hydrate my hair and make it soft to the touch, while still being able to hold the natural tousle wave my hair has.

I highly recommend apple cider vinegar hair care products to anyone who values their hair care routine, and especially with Fall being here, the cold weather can cause immense damage to your hair. Phillip Adam has made a wonderful set of products with this line, and they’re definitely on my “To Buy” list!

Do you like apple cider vinegar hair products? What Phillip Adam scent sounds the best? (my personal favorite is the Orange Vanilla).

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