Falling Into Autumn With A Family Vacation

The weather is fine, the prices are low, and there’s plenty to do – vacations in autumn are awesome!

What, you’ve never been?! The truth is that lots of families never take the plunge for many reasons. However, the fact remains that it’s a spectacular time of year as the trees shed their leaves and the browns and yellows come into bloom. Plus, the kids get time off school in autumn so there is no real excuse. 

The only thing you have to do as a family is to decide where to go and what to do. As straightforward as it sounds, it’s tricky when there are so many hotspots. Here’s how to choose.


Go Skiing

There is no doubt that the weather can get a little cold in the fall. God damn you global warming! So, it’s important to stay warm while exploring the elements. Skiing is the ultimate pastime because you’ll hardly feel Mr. Frost on your extremities what with all the high speeds, falling over and drinking. You can substitute the last one for eating if the kids are there ruining making your holiday. The great thing about an adventure vacation is that it’s fun for all the family, so there won’t be the
mandatory meltdowns. It’s impossible when the mercury hits zero!

Think Of Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve is weeks away and it’s an event no one wants to miss. Even the adults love dressing up, eating themed food and watching old movies. To go one better this year, you can organize a vacation to Put-In-Bay in Ohio. On an island situated in Lake Eerie, there is a Halloween festival which is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
Learn more about it by checking out the link. Another Halloween horror show is in Whitby in the North of England, home to Dracula. You can even go on a vampire hunt in the dead of night on the cobbled streets.

Head South

Birds head south for the winter, and migrating families should do the same. Anyone who lives in the south of the country will know that, despite the stigma, there are good points. One of them is the weather which never seems to fall below 77°. We love you, the Equator! Typically, families will head to Cali and Texas but the east has a lot to offer. Charleston, South Carolina, is an excellent place to take in the history and culture of this fantastic country. Of course, Disneyland is hard
to resist if you can afford it.

Branch Out

Autumn doesn’t only happen in the US – everywhere in the northern hemisphere experience the season. There are some amazing festivals which occur as a result of fall and they are well worth witnessing. Britain has “Bonfire Night on the 5th of November which celebrates the demise of Guy Fawkes. The Germans have Oktoberfest which can last as long as six weeks. And, Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead on the 2nd of November this year.
Can you really say no to the ideas above? How else are you going to spend autumn?!

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