Morning Rituals | Fall 2018 Happy Rebel Box Review!

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Happy Rebel is a quarterly subscription box. The cost is $100.00 per quarter.

The Happy Rebel box is a seasonal subscription box for the modern woman with an adventurous, edgy, and polished sense of style. We carefully curate fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle pieces, package them artfully, and ship them directly to your door. You will receive items from brands you know and love, as well as up-and-coming designers. Every piece reflects the seasonal theme of the box, along with Happy Rebel’s unique style. let us surprise you with fresh lifestyle pieces that are both sophisticated and bold, refined and unexpected.

In addition to providing our members with an exciting box full of items we know they will love, we also donate 10% of profits to carefully selected non-profit organizations. These organizations focus on helping women in the United States and around the world by providing health and wellness services, access to education, and support for those affected by trafficking, domestic abuse and extreme poverty. Each Happy Rebel Box subscriber impacts thousands of women and girls throughout the world with each box they receive.

Each quarter, Happy Rebel donates 10% of their profits to a non-profit organization. This season, chose 9to5, which is an organization that advocates for equal pay, power, and participation for the female workforce.

9to5 is one of the largest, most respected national membership organizations of working women in the U.S. 9to5 members have been on the front lines, working for economic security for all women – particularly women of color – for the past 45 years to achieve their vision: full economic equality. They fight for policies that would allow women the flexibility they need to care for their families, a living wage so women can have, and financially support, families, as well as full and equal participation and representation of women in the workforce and local, state and national governing bodies.

The first couple of items in this box are office-type items! I always love really nice office supplies, so I was really excited to see these! We have a Cloth & Paper 2019 Spiral Planner ($40). This agenda has over 100 pages for organizing, note taking, and planning from October 2018 – December 2019. I do love that this starts out this month, that was a really convenient quality. And I love the style of this – very sleek and chic. However. . . it’s really thin. The cover is basically paper, so I have a really hard time believing that this will last an entire year.

It is so pretty and minimal on the inside though. Cloth & Paper is known for luxe stationary and planning supplies. This is so pretty, and I’ll use it while I can, but I don’t think it will last very long.

The second office supply item was a gorgeous set of pens from Happy Rebel. This Pair of Gold Pens ($18) are steel gold plated with a studded end cap and smooth-writing black ink. They came in a beautiful black box with the Happy Rebel logo imprinted on the top. These do write smoothly and they seem to be very nice quality, so I’m really happy to have these. Pens make me obscenely excited – am I the only one?

The next couple of products that we have are great for early mornings – we received a La-ta-da Marble Geo Barrette ($7.99, $10 listed price). This has marble and gold accents and a geometric design. This is a really beautiful piece, but I don’t normally wear barrettes, so I will pass this on to my daughter, who will absolutely adore it!

Now, I don’t normally drink coffee, but I’m kind of excited to try this next product – the Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Kit ($4). This is the highest quality coffee from Vietnam with California sweetened condensed milk containing no artificial flavors or preservatives. There is no additional equipment required, you just place the fully biodegradable and compostable filter over any cup and add hot water for a fresh brew. This is a coffee that I am looking forward to trying. It’s so cute and the concept is so unique! I think this was a great curation choice for a Morning Rituals box!

The next product is a bit for me to fit in with this theme, although I guess “getting ready” is part of your Morning Ritual, but I do still find it a bit out of place. This is the Robyn Rhodes Quentin Necklace ($74). This is a variegated natural stone rectangle pendent on a deluxe 17″ ball chain. Subscribers had a choice between a black onyx or white howlite necklace, and I chose the Black Onyx. I am slightly regretting that choice now that I have seen it in person, but it is still a stunning piece. Each piece by Robyn Rhodes is handcrafted, which is so nice for both the quality and the local artisans that supports. I will definitely be wearing this this season + upcoming season, but I stand by the fact that I think it’s a tad misplaced in this particular box.

We also received a Triumph & Disaster YLF Body Wash ($40, $44 listed price). This has a combination of Argan Oil, Kawakawa and Green Tea Leaf Extract and it actively protects the skin’s natural lipid balance and avoids stripping the skin of its moisture and nutrients. It is scented with neroli and sandalwood, which provides a nice herbal and woody scent. My husband loves the scent of this and can’t wait to use it, and I too am excited. This was a really nice, luxe inclusion to this box!

The last two items in this box were good basic morning needs. The first one is the Rebel’s Refinery Rehab Roller ($9.99, $16 listed price). This is a natural eye moisturizer in roller form. It’s a blend of botanicals and caffeine that reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. I love eye rollers like this, and they are such a refreshing treat after a warm shower if you store this in your fridge! (That’s where I’ll be keeping mine!)

The very last item is probably the least exciting in theory, but the packaging really intrigues me. It’s the Public Goods Floss ($10). This floss is made from real silk and coated with all natural candelilla wax. It’s 100% biodegradable, natural, and packaged in an eco-friendly glass bottle! I love the presentation of this, but $10 for floss? And Public Goods offers a subscription service, so you can get this for $2.50 with a subscription. I have read some wonderful things about this, but how different can fancy floss really be?



I really liked the theme of this seasons box + most of the products. I think they’re all very useful, even if some of them are unnecessary. It’s those little treats and luxe options that bring those little moments of happiness to your day. I do recommend this box, and they always release spoilers before the new boxes are released so I definitely do advise checking those out if you’re interested in this box! I don’t like that they are listing higher-than-retail prices. I’m not quite sure why they are doing that, but it does feel a bit shady to me.

What do you think about this box? What do you think about the pricing issue?

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