How To Give Your Home That Showroom Look

If you have kids you will know that it is hard to keep on top of the cleaning and organizing schedule, and you will need to think smart to make sure that your home is ready to show off every time. How many times have you panicked when you had unexpected guests turning up and you didn’t know what to hide and put away again? If this rings a bell, it might be time to make some changes in your home that will make your life easier, and help you get that showroom look every time. 

Easy to Clean Surfaces 

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If you have an old kitchen unit, chances are that you are spending a lot of time cleaning the surfaces. Maybe you do have tiles and spend hours cleaning the grouts with a toothbrush. Life is too short to spend time on these tasks. If you have a laminate floor or real wood in the kitchen, you will need to make the extra effort to keep it clean and tidy. Consider installing modern splashback boards that can be wiped clean in just seconds, and get natural stone floor tiles, so mopping takes only minutes. 

Quality Furniture 

If you would like to make your home look more expensive than it really is, you will need to replace your budget furniture with some quality items. If you are good at DIY, you might even think about upcycling an old dining table or giving some chairs a new life by adding new seats and upholstery. Instead of having a lot of storage and mismatched furniture, try buying quality collections that match your home’s style and interior design. 

Minimalist Design 

One of the things showhouses have in common is that they have limited amount of furniture and they maximize the floor space. If you would like to recreate this look in your home, use clear lines and focus on your flooring. There are some simple patterns you can implement, but the key to successful minimalist interior design is working with easy palettes and matching shades and colors throughout the home, while creating clear contrast between your wall, furniture, and floor. 

Built In Furniture 

Having a family can be a blessing, but it also means that you will have loads of clothes, toys, and other personal items to store. If your bedroom is full of wardrobes and your living room wall is covered by shelves, it might be time to step up your game when it comes to storage and organization. While getting built in furniture might be expensive, you can get finance and enjoy the extra floor space and better functionality for many years to come. Talk to companies designing made-to-measure furniture, and find the right storage solutions for your needs. 

Modular Shelves 

In case you are looking for more flexibility when it comes to storage and display, you will benefit from modular shelves and stackable storage boxes, too. There are plenty of expensive-looking and high end shelving units to fit every budget, You can make the most out of your alcoves, your corners, and your corridor space, without having to compromise the floor space. As your home grows, and your kids need more space, you can move these furniture from one room to another, or simply expand your shelving unit without having to replace everything. 

Feature Walls 

One of the things that will really make your home look executive and stand out for visitors is a well-designed feature wall. It is important that you don’t clutter it with a display shelf, and you add matching motifs. No matter if you are using quality wallpaper or decals to display your favorite quotes, maybe add a large canvas consisting of a montage of your best family moments, you will need to ensure that there is an easy to notice contrast between the main color and the feature wall. The easiest solution is to use a standard color for all the walls and a darker shade of the same color with a pattern on your feature wall. 

Better Lighting 

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Light entering your home will also improve the look of your home. It is important that you use the right color of light. In your bedroom, you can add mood lighting, as well as in the bathroom, but make sure that you also have a bright light above the sink, in case you would like to see yourself when applying makeup. In your living room, don’t just focus on the chandelier, but also add side lights and standing lamps to customize the lighting to your needs. 

More Natural Light 

One of the most challenging aspects of your home improvement will be opening up space. You might want to talk to a structural engineer to find out whether or not your walls and joints will support larger windows. They can also tell you which walls you should not touch inside the house so you can avoid causing structural damage. Opening up your space will require a professional and a larger budget. If you are determined to go ahead, you can get installment loans for bad credit so you don’t have to spend all your savings on the construction work, being left with no money on decorating your home.  

Smart Color Schemes 

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Simple is often more than complicated patterns. You can find the right combination of main colors and use a color scheme to decide what fits your personality, your flooring, your home’s style, and your furniture. You will need to match the curtains with the floor and the cushions, as well as the walls. Having a pastel color for the main walls and a feature wall with the same shades as your soft furnishings will give you the high end look on a budget. 

If you wish you had your home ready for guests all the time, you might be thinking about smart improvements that will help you style and organize your space better. Use these tips to get started with creating a showroom look at home. 


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