#skincarefridge | 6 Benefits To Storing Your Skincare In The Fridge and What I Keep In Mine!

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Have you guys ever heard of a skincare fridge? Okay, I get that the concept is definitely a bit *extra*, but it is also kind of genius. When warmer temperatures come out, hair and makeup formulas can actually break down. And that’s not good for your products or your wallet. I did a ton of research on this after stumbling across the #skincarefridge hashtag on Instagram, and it’s actually a relatively popular concept. However, most people just use their standard fridge. The new trend is buying these super cute mini-fridges and keeping them at your vanity or makeup area, but using them to store skincare. I had to, you guys! I got a freaking pink fridge to hold skincare. This is one that I got, but there are ton of other similar fridges that are available that will do the same thing.

Now let’s talk about some of the benefits a skincare fridge brings – and then I’ll show you a mini-tour of mine!

  1. Keeping skincare in a cool, dry place that doesn’t have a ton of sunlight prevents a breakdown of the product. Which, as I said before – good for your products & your wallet. Keeping your products in a fridge helps the formulas last longer.
  2. For people who use all-natural products, keeping your products in the fridge can actually ward off bacteria and prolong their shelf life. This is also true for DIY products, or those fresh face masks that LUSH sells that HAVE to be refrigerated. It’s super convenient to have those right next to where you get ready every morning and evening.
  3. Keeping eye creams in the fridge actually enhances their potency and effectiveness. Plus, applying cool to the touch eye cream under your eyes is a godsend – if you haven’t ever tried it, you must. Plus, the cold reduces puffiness, which is great for undereyes.
  4. Storing perfume in your fridge will protect the scent and keep it smelling the same for longer periods of time as steam, heat and humidity can cause the scent to breakdown. The same goes for sunlight – the common factor? None of these things are found in a mini fridge!
  5. I use a lot of skincare products with Vitamin C. If you store any products containing vitamin C in the fridge, it actually helps keep the vitamins from breaking down and oxygenizing, which could change the formula or effectiveness.
  6. Storing your moisturizers in the fridge can help them be even more effective – applying cooled moisturizers to the skin will help calm the skin instantly. And it’s a great way to cool down on a hot summer day.

So now let’s go into my mini fridge. I keep a lot of my daily nighttime skincare in my fridge and some masks!

I’m currently using the d’Alba White Truffle First Spray Serum, and this is an interesting product all by itself. I’ve never tried a spray serum before. But applying it after it’s been stored in a fridge is an entirely different experience. It’s so cooling & refreshing, but it also goes on so evenly and I do think that its home has a big part to do with that. I also keep my face oil in here – right now I’m using the Scentuals Rosehip Beauty Oil.

I keep sheet masks that I plan on using next is this cute little door shelf! There is seriously nothing more relaxing than applying a cooled sheet mask to your skin. Plus, the sudden change in temperature can help tighten pores and, depending on the ingredients in the mask, it can help those to be more effective as well.

I store my moisturizer and my current eye masks in the larger section on the bottom. My current nighttime moisturizer is the Dr. Brant Pores No More Pore Refining Cream. This moisturizer has a thicker texture normally, but after being stored in the fridge, it becomes this whipped, almost velvet texture that of course is insanely cooling on the skin. I also keep my Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches in here. I like to use these whenever my undereyes feel puffy, and storing them in the fridge makes that so much easier to do!

I also store my GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment masks on the top shelf, as well as my current eyecream, the Farmacy Dew It All Total Eye Cream. I also keep a mini jade roller that I use to make sure products *really* sink into my skin and to smooth out sheet masks – all while providing my skin with the most refreshing, cooling beauty break of the day.
What do you think about skincare fridges? What would you store in yours?

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