Cooking With Kids | October 2018 Foodstirs Review!

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Foodstirs is a baking subscription box that ships baking mixes kits to your door! Co-founded by Sarah Michelle Gellar, this subscription is all about high-quality, pre-made mixes with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. They feature ingredients like organic heirloom flour, all-natural food dyes, and fair trade chocolate. It costs $18.99 + shipping every other month.

This month, the project kit is for a Monster Cookie Bash! OMG, the pictures for this look adorable – and a bit out of my crafty range, but we are going to try them out! This box always sends “pinterest-esque” baking projects, which is great for moms (like me) that love to make the cute stuff but don’t know how to make the cute stuff.

This box came with everything I needed except for 1 egg, 9 TBSP of unsalted butter, and 1 TBSP of plain or greek yogurt. And I actually didn’t have plain/greek yogurt, so I used a vanilla Go-Gurt. I think it worked out well.

The first step was to preheat the oven and whisk together the egg and some of the butter. Then we added in the Foodstirs Organic Chocolate Chippy Cookie Mix. We had to remove exactly 10 chocolate chips from the mix, and then we stirred it together until it became a dough. Then we formed the dough into 12 cookie balls.

The kids loved mixing the dough up! Then we refrigerated the cookie balls for 20 minutes.

Then we started making the icing. We mixed together the rest of the butter and the yogurt. We added the Foodstirs Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix and whisk it into a thick frosting form. Then we divided the frosting into two bowls and added in an Orange dye and a Green dye. Then we left those to set in the fridge.

I actually broke two whisks mixing this stuff together. It is crazy thick!

After the cookies were done baking and cooling, we used the included circle cookie cutter to make perfect circle shapes.

Our next step was the kids favorite, the decorating! I cut the marshmallows in half and then we put our chocolate chips into each marshmallow half to make eyes.

Then we made the monster bodies! We took two cookies and put some frosting in the middles. Gibson choose the green frosting and Monroe chose the orange (so I got crazy lucky there!) And then we added the eyes and the Candy Corn teeth!

Okay, so ours look literally nothing like the picture that Foodstirs sent. But, the kids had a blast making them and they were so tasty! I think that pretty much washes their looks out. Plus, these are kind of scary looking!

I do really like this box and the kids love having fun baking projects with yummy rewards to make together. It’s a great bonding experience and I look forward to it every other month!

What do you think of Foodstirs? Isn’t this the cutest Halloween themed cookie ever?


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