DITL: My Birthday & Halloween

Oh my gosh, this week has been crazy busy! We had both my birthday and Halloween to celebrate! We were originally going to take the kids to a train park for my birthday, but our plans changed due to extenuating circumstances – but there is some good that came out of it!

But first, the bad – unfortunately, we recently had to put one of our dogs down, as he wasn’t in a good place at all anymore. So we decided for my birthday that we would take the kids to the shelter and get a new dog! I always like to look at the silver lining of situations. Our dog had to go to a better place, but we were able to rescue another puppy and give him a good home.

We started the day with a little “for fun” shopping! I’ll be posting a haul on my Instagram (@mommymessmer), if you’re interested in seeing what we picked up! Then we headed to a local animal shelter. We saw a couple of pups we were interested in, and a ton we wanted but were not available to be adopted, including a gorgeous Siberian Husky puppy my husband fell in love with.

But when we found this little guy, our decision was made a bit easier.

He is the sweetest thing ever! We named him Jackson, at the recommendation of our son. He is doing great in the family and getting along with all of the doggies and kiddos so well! He fits right in and we have a check-up vet appointment coming up this week to make sure he’s healthy! (F.Y.I. most humane societies will hook you up with a free vet appointment to make sure your new pet is in tip-top shape!)

We took Jackson to Petsmart and picked out some new goodies for him; his own food bowl, some toys, a new tag, and some puppy food since all of our current dogs are older. Afterwards we went home and had some friends over for some pizza and a cookie cake. After the kids went to bed, we watched a scary movie – my fave!

And then, two days later it was Halloween. This year, Gibson was a red Power Ranger, Monroe was a Rainbow Unicorn, and Ramsey was a Snow Owl. Everyone picked out there own costumes this year (including Ramsey, who really just petted a costume out of two options).

They loved taking pictures, but loved their costumes more! We went trick-or-treating around a couple of neighborhoods, and with the exception of a 3 minute episode because Gibson got a bit too scared by a “spooky” house, everyone had a great time! They got way too much candy and had a blast eating some of it after we got home! And of course, after they went to bed we watched a scary movie with some friends!

What did you for Halloween this year? What did your kids dress up as?

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