7 Tips For Buying Clothing As A Gift

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Thinking of buying clothing for someone as a gift? Here are some tips to make your gift a success.

Know their size

Before going clothing shopping for someone, it pays to know their size. Go too small and they won’t be able to wear it. Go a size too big and you’ll offend them. If you don’t want to ask them directly what their size is, ask someone else close to them who is likely to know their size.

Consider personalising it

Personalising clothing can make it more unique to the wearer. This could include looking into tailored clothing, or simply getting an item monogrammed. Scarves and hats are great items for monogramming. Other means of preconisation include photo printing on t-shirts, or ordering an item of clothing in a specific colour they love.

Avoid socks and ties

Socks and ties are boring and should be avoided. Most people have too many socks and ties just remind people of work. The only exception is if you’re buying some quirky and fun novelty option such as these photo socks or this light up tie. It could also be worth it if you’re going designer or opting for a specialist type of socks such as merino wool socks.

Shop for discounts online

There are plenty of deals on clothing to be found online. Even if the person you’re buying for spotted the item of clothing in a local shop window, there could be a chance that it’s also sold online at a cheaper price. You should be wary of buying second-hand clothes online as the condition isn’t always easy to assess.

Read reviews

Reviews can help you to understand what other customers thought of a piece of clothing. This could be useful if it’s not your style and you want to find the best quality. The likes of Amazon display reviews beneath each product.

Keep the receipt

In case the clothing isn’t the right fit or simply isn’t for them, it’s worth clinging onto the receipt so that you can give them the option to return the item. You don’t have to give the receipt to them unless they specify it.

Want to play it safe? Take them shopping

If you want to get them clothing but aren’t sure what to get, you could always take them shopping as a gift and give them a spending limit. Many people may prefer to pick out their own wardrobes and this gives them the treat of doing this. Another option could be to buy a gift card for the person so that they can go shopping themselves, although this may not always be as personal a gift.

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