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Ya’ll, I love my vanity. It was an anniversary present from my husband one year and it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. The vanity that I have is the Ikea MALM Dressing Table ($169) in white. Sitting on top of it is a separate mirror, the Chende White Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror ($249.99). The mirror was also an anniversary present from my husband, just a more recent one! 🙂

The only thing I don’t like about the Malm table is that is only has one long drawer for storage. It does fit in so beautifully with my vanity set-up, but I do wish that it had a tad bit more storage. Either way, I can fit everything that I need to fit in this, so it all works out in the end. If you decide to get a table like this, just make sure you have drawer organizers!

In the first little section, I have an organizer that houses all of my hair ties and smaller headbands. I have a nice mix of neutral and colored hair ties in here, which is great for everyday use and accessibility. I also keep my current pack of cotton rounds here, which I use for toner during my skincare routines in the morning and night.

This next little section is where I keep my Clean Sweep Makeup Brush Pad, my BeautyBlender InstaClean, and my facial sprays.

The Clean Sweep is a little brush pad that you just wipe your brushes over if you want to switch eye shadow colors in between washes. I picked this up at T.J. Maxx for like, $4, but I know that Ulta has some similar options available. The BeautyBlender InstaClean ($16) is a holy grail for me. This is basically a dry shampoo for your beauty blender (or other sponges), and it’s like a spray version of the Clean Sweep!

I also keep my facial sprays here. I have a decent assortment, some randoms that I picked up TJ Maxx, a Caudalie spray, etc. I use these a lot, for various uses and I love having a mini selection to choose from when I need them. I’m actually using an E.L.F. one right now that is really nice, but this is where the bulk of my collection lives.

This next little section is a divided organizer and I keep my basic tools in here: my pencil sharpeners, an extra eyelash curler, a mini screwdriver, a pair of brow scissors, some tweezers, some eye drops to revive older cream liners and some tape for getting the perfect (read: semi-perfect) wing!

This is a bit of a boring section, but it’s nice to have everything I need right at my fingertips.

There’s a small section leftover and I have a long, thing organizer here. I use this to store my “everyday essentials”: my hairbrush, my teasing comb, my current deodorant, and some makeup wipes.


What do you store in your vanity? What type of vanity do you have?

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