SHOP WITH ME: Target Dollar Spot | Holiday Edition

I went to Target last night. Do you ever walk into Target on like, the grocery side and just feel yourself being pulled to the Dollar Spot? Or, I guess it’s the Bullseye Playground now? I will forever call it the Dollar Spot. Anyways, I feel that way every time so today, I’m going to take you with me while I check out what new holiday goodies they have!

My Dollar Spot was actually pretty picked over, which is odd considering last week they didn’t even have this stuff out last week. But, they do have some really cute stocking stuffers! Monroe is obsessed with these little squishie toys, so I got her this Santa Claus one for her stocking this year.

They also had a lot of decor, like this hanging sign.

And this sign with a movable santa!

I used to love these (perler?) beads when I was a kid, and I’m so excited to see them coming back! These would be perfect for a stocking stuffer.

How cute are these snow chalk markers? I don’t honestly understand the point of selling these in our part of AZ, but I so wish we could use them!

This is the cutest advent calendar that leaves out all the chocolate! This has an activity for kids to do each day! I got this for my kiddos as a fun countdown to Christmas!

This would a great Christmas (or early Christmas) gift for a kid that loves to bake! My kids love to bake, so this would be good for helping me bake Christmas cookies.

And something for the adults! They had several designs of these and they’re so cute as a hostess gift for holiday partys!

These are adorable for stockings or hostess gifts!

OMG, these are so beautiful! I love using these in little tealight holders, and these are so festive!

This is such a creative idea for a fun, smaller gift!

What have you spotted at your Target Dollar Spot lately?

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