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As we all know, I am obsessed with Home Goods and TJ Maxx. But I haven’t been to a Burlington Coat Factory in years. I recently cashed in for a gift card to Burlington with my Ibotta account, and I decided to check one that opened up near us rather recently! I did need to get a few particular things, but I also wanted to look around since it’s been so long since I’ve been to one!

I looked the shoe section first, and I was really surprised by how many great deals they had! I was tempted by many, but I only took one pair home with me. These shoes by U.S Polo Assn. These were only $19.99!

I love the style of these shoes and these are great for everyday wear and casual looks! They had some Converse shoes that I almost snagged, but I couldn’t find my size.

I wanted to check out the men’s section for Kylor. He has been mentioning that he needed some new socks for work, and he prefers the colorful, silly socks so I decided to try my luck at Burlington. I hit the jackpot!

But before I go into that, I did swing by the shirt section and I found this cute Haggar Clothing button down short sleeve shirt. He loves these for his days off, and this one was a steal with a clearance price of $6.99! This has a retail price of $48!

Onto my sock jackpot! I found 5 adorably patterned pairs, and they were all on clearance! Each pair cost me $0.99-$1.49. I love the throwback Nickelodeon socks and the ones with the game pieces on them! These are right up Kylors ally and he is thrilled with them!

I also found a whole tie section, which is something I normally don’t see at my TJ Maxx, so I scoped it out and I found an absolute ton of ties that were marked down! I grabbed Kylor two ties (after sending him pics of a few and letting him decide). I got him a Tommy Hilfiger tie that was on clearance for $6.99 (and has the cutest duck print!) and a Geoffrey Beene tie that was on clearance for $4.99!

I also had to swing by the ladies clothing, and to my surprise I didn’t find a whole lot of stuff I loved. I ended up picking up this Disney shirt with a Minnie Mouse print because I am a huge Disney fan, so that was just a given! This was marked down to $4.99.

I also found a couple pairs of jeans that were marked down. I got a pair of California Vintage on clearance for $9.99 (the light blue pair) and a pair of PushUP Super Soft jeans that were on clearance for $10.99! I love getting jeans for $10 a pair, it’s such a deal!

I did find some adorable underwear though! I found these two pairs of Tommy Hilfiger boy shorts that were only $1.99 a pair! These retail for $12 a pair originally.

I also found these 3-packs of Aeropostale boyshorts! One set is a standard boyshort design, and the other set is a lace and silk set! These were both $8.99 and I love the patterns on the regular set, they’re so cute! These packs retail for $24.50, so this was such a deal!

I did peak on the kids section. My Burlington has really high prices on kids shoes, which surprised me. But I managed to find a couple of cute things.

I also grabbed the first “need” here, too. I wanted to get one of these Nuby for Ramsey. I’ve purchased these (normally at regular retail) for all of my kids and they are my absolute favorite, so I had to snag this at a discounted price! This was only $4.99!

I also found this cute set of headbands that the girls can share (well, Ramsey more so when she’s older, but still). This comes with 6 headbands and was $2.99!

And I grabbed this adorable dress for Monroe! This was on clearance for $7.99 and I am so in love with it! Monroe loves dresses, and this is a nice casual one that will be great leading up to the holidays!

One of the things I went to Burlington looking for was a detangler for my hair, but I couldn’t actually find any. That’s not to say I walked away empty handed though!

I saw these Revele Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pads and I was instantly curious. As many of you know, I always wash my face either with a Foreo product, or a Konjac sponge. I really want to see if this cheaper alternative is comparable to my beloved Konjac sponges. I grabbed a new brush since one of mine is loosing all the tine pieces (or whatever they’re called?).

I also grabbed an aromatherapy eye mask. I’m using this semi weighted one at the moment and I love it. This one is faux fur covered and it is SO FREAKING soft.

And then. You guys.

THE JEWELRY. I think I spent the most time in the jewelry section at Burlington. They had so many beautiful pieces and sets. I tried so hard to limit myself, but I had to get my favorites!

I got two sets of earrings from Sophia & Kate. Both of these are earring sets and I am in love with those larger glitter circle earrings! These packs were $4.99 and $5.99. I also grabbed a pack of earrings and a pack of bracelets from Guess. I seriously think Guess makes some of the cutest stud earrings and I am in awe of these minimalistic bracelets. The Guess earrings were $9.99 and the bracelets were $7.99. And the last jewelry I got was the Aeropostale earring set. This one was $5.99. I love the dangly sun earrings in this set. So beautiful!

And now we are getting into the bulk of what I actually went there for. I picked up these wicker baskets for my closet to organize my shorts in. These were $9.99 a piece, which I honestly consider a really good price considering price points I’ve seen in the past. I’ll be doing a post about organizing with things like these, so you’ll see these in action pretty soon!

And then I grabbed this adorable doggie bin to hold some of my dogs toys. I just hate them strewn out all over the floor. I saw this Laundry bucket, and thought it would be absolutely perfect for holding my cleaning supplies in my laundry room! It’s quite big too, which is great.

And then I grabbed these hand towels for my guest bathroom. I wanted a little change from our regular plain blue. And this cookies and cream popcorn is seriously to die for! I haven’t been able to find it for awhile, but they had a bag marked down to $1.49!

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with the prices and selection at Burlington. Have you ever been to Burlington? What have you found there?

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