Weird and Wonderful Ways To Save Money Around The House

There are few things worse than struggling for money, especially with a family to support and Christmas just around the corner. As magical a time as it may be, we all know that the holidays cost an awful lot, which can cause huge amounts of stress if you’re not financially prepared. Cutting household expenses isn’t a fun task, but a little creativity can make the experience less of a chore. With that in mind, here are some weird and wonderful ways for you to save money. 


Pack Lunches Every Day

We all know that taking lunch to work with us is cheaper than eating out, but the same rule applies to your weekend activities too. Whether you’re staying in to watch a movie or running errands around town, having a packed lunch close by will cure the temptation to eat out or order a takeaway. It is also a much healthier option, which can reduce sickness and medical bills. 

Get Plenty Of Sleep

The health benefits of an early night are plenty, but the financial boost you receive goes much further than just reduced medical expenses. By going to bed a little earlier eat night, you’ll also cut down your electricity bills, as you’ll have lights and the television on for less time. You also won’t be awake to eat or drink anything, which will reduce your grocery costs. 

Switch Up Your Job

No one likes commuting to work each morning, especially when they realize just how much they have to spend on fuel and maintenance. To eliminate this cost completely, you could quit your current job and switch to one of the many legitimate work at home jobs for moms. This will also reduce the urge to eat out and means that you won’t have to buy clothes specifically for work. 

Potty Train Your Cat

As crazy and ridiculous as it sounds, training your cat to use a toilet instead of their litter box can save you quite a bit of money. After all, for what it is, litter definitely isn’t cheap. Although it’s not the most common hobby, train your cat to use a toilet can be quite fun and rewarding and is also said to be fairly simple. If this isn’t your thing, then let them do their business outside instead. 

Cut Your Hair Short

Having long hair is a frustrating and often expensive ordeal. You have to brush it more often, it’s always in your face, and the shampoo, conditioner, water, and everything else you need to use costs money. The easiest way to calm your stress and spend less money is to have less hair. Before you get your haircut, shop around for a skilled student, as they tend to charge less. 


Steer Clear Of Meat

When compared with your normal diet, a plant-based alternative is much cheaper. There’s a lower risk of a number of different illnesses, which will cut down your medical bills, and vegetables themselves are cheaper than meat too. If you don’t want to overhaul your lifestyle completely, then try having vegetarian days instead of eating meat Monday to Sunday. 

If you want to save money around the house, remember these creative ideas. 

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