Before & Afters | 4 Quick Organizing Tips To Make Your Life Easier & Your House Looking Good

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a ton of fun and I’ll be posting a DITL soon so keep your eyes out! I did a lot of prep for getting my house guest-ready for Thanksgiving, and that included tackling some trouble areas in my house that just needed a quick makeover to make them functional and cute again! So today I’ll be sharing 4 5-minute projects that you can do to make your life easier and keep your house looking good!

The first problem area in my house was under my kitchen sink. I mean, just look at it. I feel like this is pretty normal, but it really shouldn’t be. There’s too much stuff and it’s too chaotic. Do you know how much time I waste everyday looking for the same half-dozen cleaning products? And just forget about asking someone else to grab me something, they’d get lost and I’d never see them again. The good news is, this is easy to fix.

Ta-Da! The first thing you absolutely need to do is pull everything out. It turns out, I only needed half of what was crammed into this cabinet! The rest I stashed in my garage (if it was something that I only needed for deep cleaning) or tossed. Then I picked up these lazy susans from Amazon (measure your space first!) and placed my daily/weekly products on them. These make it so easy to grab something, because everything is right in the front. And if it’s not, you can just turn the stand around until it is!

My second problem area is my pajamas. When I took this picture, I was already in the process of decluttering my pajamas and switching from warm weather pjs to cold weather pjs. It was extra stressful though, because I really didn’t like the way this looked. All of my pajama sets were shoved in the back, it was too busy in the front and it wasn’t as functional as it could have been.

So literally all I did was move one of the drawers to the back! I now am using the back drawers to store my off-season pjs and the drawers at the front to store my on-season pjs. And my hanging pajama sets are right in the middle where I can grab them easily. The nice things about these plastic drawer sets is that the drawers come completely out, so when the seasons change again, I can just pull the drawers out of the unit and swap them over.

My third problem area was my shorts. Obviously, I have lots of denim here, but my jeans are easy to hang up. Shorts are not, and I don’t have room in my dresser to store them, so they’ve just been on this shelf. This is obviously not the best system and it’s very easy to get messy, so I knew I had to make a change.

I picked up these baskets and shared them in my recent Burlington haul, and I knew when I saw them that they would be perfect for my shorts! I do wish that I had picked up three, but I can always grab another one later. For now, this will work and it keeps my shorts organized and looking much better than haphazardly stacked up like they were before.

I totally forgot to take a before picture of problem area number 4, but if you have kids, I’m sure you can imagine. Their dresser drawers are so hard to keep organized. The clothes are tiny, there are too many pieces and it becomes a huge mess when they’re folded and stacked.

The good news is that all of those problems are easy to fix. The easiest way to get around all of that is to file fold. You’ve heard of the Konmari method? Use it! Seriously, I know it looks daunting, but I promise you 90% of the drawers in my house are folded this way and it makes life so much easier. Folding is easier, taking things out, putting clean laundry away. And it looks nicer, plus I don’t have to go hunting for an outfit or pajama set that I’m looking for since I can see everything! This is free and life-changing. Just try it!

What is your #1 problem area in your home? What have you organized recently?

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