The Risk Of Personal Growth On Relationships

If you have just embarked on a personal growth journey and would like to make sure that your relationship will not suffer, you will need to look out for the risks your personality and attitude changes pose to your family life. Whether you started a business, went back to college, or got a promotion, nothing is going to stay the same, and the sooner you accept this the better you will deal with the issue. 

You Grow Apart 

One of the dangers is that you will slowly grow apart. As your priorities change, you will focus less on maintaining your relationship. Encourage your partner to embark on their own journey. If they are behind you, it will help you achieve your personal goals and strengthen your relationship. However, when jealousy and fear of loss creeps in, you might need to get in touch with a divorce lawyer to find out what your options are. 

Money and Budgeting 

Your money situation is likely to change, as well. When you start up your business and start increasing your income, you might become the main breadwinner, and this will not go down well with every partner. You will also feel like you have more say in the budgeting process, and this can create conflict. Adopt a democratic relationship attitude and you can prevent major conflicts. 

Leading Role Change 

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Apart from the money, you are more likely to take control of other aspects of your family life, too. You will get your voice heard more when it comes to holidays, kids’ education and upbringing, and moving home. Make sure that your partner is happy with the changes, and don’t try to force your will on the family, just because you are feeling more confident now than before. 

Opening Your Horizon 

When you are starting a personal development journey, your views of the world, relationships, and other areas will change, too. You will need to make sure that you involve your partner in your journey and your discoveries, or they will feel left behind and neglected. Let them see what you do and share your new experiences. Ask them about their day, instead of talking about your exciting meetings, so they don’t feel insignificant. 

Lack of Time 

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When you get involved in spiritual enlightenment, growth, further education, or other activities that help you discover more about yourself, you might have limited time to listen to the needs and wishes of your partner and – as a matter of fact – your kids. It is crucial that you can schedule your time so you can connect with your loved ones a couple of hours a day, and discuss your problems and theirs. There is no such thing as no time, it is up to you to make time for those who are important for you. 

When you busy yourself with a new college course, or embark on a career development program, you need to make sure that your partner and family members feel supported and don’t become a casualty of your self growth. 


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