7 Tips For Moving House

When it comes to moving house, it can be a daunting process. Before you know it, you are surrounded by boxes, wrapping up ornaments you didn’t even know you had in newspapers. Never fear though here are some tips to get you through the whole thing as stress-free as possible. 

  1. Book Your Removals early. It is all well and good trying to hire a van and getting some friends to help, but what happens if on the day some of them aren’t well enough to help? Or have other commitments? You have a van and no hands to help. Hire your removals van as early as possible. Got bigger items? You’ll need to contact a specialist company and ask them the cost to move a piano, for example. 
  2. If you haven’t used it or wear it in a while, then get rid of it. It is no good carrying things from your current house to a new home that you just don’t use. It takes up space and is about to cost you money to move it. Take some time and have a keep, donate, and trash pile. Donate as much as you can. When it comes to moving you will be glad that you took the time to ditch the junk. 
  3. Don’t delay, pack today (or as soon as you possibly can). Once you have a date for your move confirmed, don’t use it as a goal (as in pack the day before it will be fine), use it as a deadline – have everything packed, labeled and ready to go. Work out a system and go room by room, only leaving the completely necessary unpacked. 
  4. Create an inventory of everything you have packed. It might seem a little boring and excessive, but in four weeks when you are looking for specific items, you will be able to locate which room the box was meant and what else was in with it. Imagine a world where you can’t find the coffee because someone misplaced the box… Unthinkable. If you really don’t want to make this list yourself, then you can likely get your removal company to do it for you. Many people lose boxes while moving house, it pays to be organized. 
  5. When it comes to packing, as stated earlier, use a system and pack up things you don’t need. Another way to pack is to look at what rooms you use least. For most people it would be the spare bedroom, attic, basement or garage, then moving on to the bedrooms, and either the kitchen or living room
  6. Pack an Essentials box, and place it somewhere accessible in the new house. In it put things like coffee, toilet paper, cash, milk, cups, bandaids, and if you have pets or kids some food for them. 
  7. If you have set-up on your TV stand or some photos on the wall and you’d like to replicate it, take some pictures on your mobile phone, so you can keep track when putting the new place in order. 


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