Making Your New Build Feel Cozier

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When you move into a brand new home that no one has lived in before, you have a blank canvas to work with. It is a good feeling to know you are the first ones to have the keys, but you will probably enter a house that is painted very blandly on all the walls, and you need to put your mark on it.

You do not need to redecorate to start with, as there are lots of other ways to make your new home feel cozier.

Start With The Windows

When you have boxes and furniture just sitting everywhere, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you begin by investing in some quality curtains they will serve two purposes. Having curtains hung will immediately give a feeling of warmth, but also they will give you privacy from the outside world when they are closed. When you are building a new home around you, the way you dress your windows can affect the whole feel and atmosphere of your new abode.

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Attack The Bedrooms

No matter how much sorting of things you still need to do, you can cope with most rooms being a mess as long as you can sleep in comfort. Your new bedroom may have bland walls, but it is very easy to add some color to the room with your accessories.

Using different colors and textures will make your bedroom feel like yours, and after a good night sleep, you will be ready to attack some of the other rooms. Often, new home dwellers start by working on the living room and kitchen first, because if visitors arrive those will be the rooms they are most likely to see. This is your home though and you have to live in it so put your bedroom before anything else.

Personalize The Bathroom

Bathrooms are quite easy to make cozy. Add your towels, some mirrors, and your personal toiletries and already it will start to feel like home. Storage can be very useful to help keep a bathroom in order, so why not invest in a unit or two if you have the room?

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Living Room

Now your more personal rooms are sorted, it is time to attack your living room. It could well be that the furniture you have brought with you is not a good fit, as that often happens. If that is the case, until you can afford to replace it, have as few pieces in the room as possible. You do not want to dwarf the size of the room by overfilling it. Have pictures on the walls that reflect your personality, and spend some time finding the right lighting to suit the room. This, of course, depends on how much natural daylight the room gets, but the correct lights and well-positioned mirrors can make your living room feel bright and cozy. 

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The kitchen can be the hub of any home and should be functional as well as comfortable. If you have the room, have some comfy chairs where you can sit back and relax for a while. You will find other family members will do this as well, particularly if someone is preparing a meal.

A new house is always exciting. By putting your personality into it, it will become a home rather than just a house.

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