Why You Should Always Have Flowers In Your Home

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It has been known for a long time that getting outside in the fresh air is good for physical and mental health. But now a new study carried out by the University of North Florida, shows that having flowers inside your home has benefits as well. It is not just that they look good; having flowers indoors can help to promote well being.

They Help To Reduce Stress

A recent survey revealed that in the US 68% of people feel stress at least once a week and that 32% feel stressed every day. It seems that women are more affected than men, one in four of them reporting that they felt stressed more than once a day.

Over a 2-month period, 170 women were asked to complete a questionnaire about how they had felt in the last 12 days. The questions included details of mental exhaustion, feeling discouraged, problems piling up and having trouble relaxing. 

After 5 days, some of the women were given nothing, some were given a luxury candle and others were given freshly cut flowers. The flowers were found to have the most stress-relieving impact. This is something the study seemed to prove, but older generations will tell you they have always known that flowers make you feel better.

It Works For Men As Well

This particular study focused on women, but there have been others that have either focused on men or worked with both genders. One such study randomly handed out flowers in elevators to both men and women, and that the immediate reaction, even from the glummest looking people was a smile as they went on their way. It is even thought that cultivated flowers create a better response than houseplants  too. If you want to be happier, have flowers in your home.

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They Make Us More Compassionate

It is traditionally men that send flowers to women, sometimes when they know they have upset their wife, their mom or their girlfriend. The concept behind this seems to be that they will be forgiven for whatever it is they have done wrong and science seems to have proved that they may be right. 

Receiving a gift of fresh flowers seems to bring out a compassionate streak that makes us see problems from others peoples points of view, and extend a helping hand where we can.

Perhaps this is why sites such as With Our Aloha, who sell beautiful Hawaiian flowers, get so many orders from men, as well as for birthdays and all other special occasions.Flowers are special for everyone.

They Improve Your Memory

One of the studies decided to concentrate on how flowers affected people over the age of 55. There were the usual effects they expected, such as improved moods and less stress, but what was also noted was that those taking part reported improved memory.

The answer to this comes from another study that showed that flowers that are fragrant are linked to memories, and they have the potential to activate and exercise the part of your brain that stores them, creating an improved memory.

They Can Help With Sleep

There are some flowers that will help to promote a good nights sleep, lavender being the best known for this. 31 men and women were asked to sniff lavender on certain nights, and every one of them reported a better night’s sleep and feeling more rested the next day.  Forget the sleeping tablets from the pharmacy, just buy yourself some lavender essential oil and sniff that instead.

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They Help With The Healing Process

One study followed 90 patients after they had all had the same operation. They found that the ones that were placed in rooms with flowers in seemed to recover quicker. They had a better pulse rate, better blood pressure readings and lower rating of pain and anxiety. They also felt more positive about the surgery they had been through.

They Make Men More Handsome

Men standing with a bunch of flowers in their hand, or standing outside a flower shop, had more success with women than the ones who were not near any flowers at all. It seems that women associate nice men with flowers, even if it is only in their subconscious. This means that when they see a man holding some, or standing by some, they are more likely to strike up a conversation with them and hand over their phone number.

It seems that flowers can have more of an effect on our lives than we may have realized. The good thing is they seem to affect is in a nice way, so it should be no surprise that most people love flowers.

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