Sephora Anti-Haul | What I Won’t Be Buying At Sephora

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Have you guys ever heard of these anti-hauls? It’s basically where, instead of sharing what people recently purchased, they share what they don’t plan on purchasing. It sounds weird at first glance, but it’s actually really interesting, especially when they’re skipping over highly sought-after items. I decided to go ahead and do my first anti-haul today, since during this holiday season so many new collections are thrown at us from every direction and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, here’s what I’m skipping this season:

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($65).

This is seriously one of the most beautiful palettes I’ve ever seen. But, most of these colors are repeats after repeats after repeats. I will say, I’m super partial to the glitter shades in this and I’ve seen swatches, and yes. This does look like it might even be worth the $65, but I have so many eyeshadow palettes and I am always getting more in my subscription boxes that I just can’t justify $65 for another nude-themed eyeshadow palette.

NARS Ignited Eyeshadow Palette ($59).

This is probably the absolute hardest for me to say no to. I am a huge NARS fan and seriously this palette is breathtaking. I love purple and pink shimmer shades and just look at it! But, like I mentioned with the Huda palette, I really don’t need another basic looking eyeshadow palette. Especially at this price point. Now, I will say that if I ever see this on discount, I will be first in line to snatch one up, but until then I won’t be purchasing this.

Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick Mini in Elson ($15)

I feel like these mini lipsticks by Pat McGrath Labs are seriously everywhere right now because everyone is freaking out over them. Now, I will admit that I’ve never actually tried anything by Pat McGrath Labs, but I just do not understand how a *mini* lipstick could cost $15? I barely like paying that for a full-size lipstick and I’m not a huge fan of mini lipsticks anyways – they’re too small for my lipstick organizer so they’re just a jumble in my lipstick drawer. I’ll pass.

La Mer Little Miss Miracle Limited Edition Creme de la Mer ($325)

I mean. What the hell even is this? Do ya’ll see this price? Like, I get it. La Mer is a luxury skincare brand and their stuff is all expensive as Hell and that’s great, but come on. Who is buying this? Like, more power to you, but goodness. I just can’t do it. Even with that adorable packaging, I just cannot spend over $300 for 2 oz of product.

Artis Elite Mirror 3 Piece Brush Set ($110).

Ok, don’t get me wrong here, I love oval brushes. But there are so many good brands that are WAY, way cheaper than this brand. $110 for 3 brushes? I get you pay for quality, but that is a steep price for three little brushes.

Tarte Cosmetics Beach, Sleep, Repeat Mini Set ($10).

I just don’t get this one, to be honest. If you’re a Tarte Cosmetics fan, there is a huge chance that you have tried both of these products before. I know I have. And if you’re just getting into Tarte, or you want to try out some of their products, they have a ton of other value sets that I think just provide more value. This is one that I can easily skip because I don’t think the value is there.

And that’s my first anti-haul. It’s kind of harder than you’d think it would be to “go shopping” for things that you know you have no interest in buying. It’s an interesting experiment though, and definitely helps to put my shopping habits into perspective.

Have you picked up any of these products? What are you not buying this season?

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