4 Steps to a Bigger Bathroom

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The bathroom, a place for washing, relaxing, beautifying, rinsing little one’s bumps and bruises or even cleaning your pet pooch. A day rarely drifts by without having to visit this multi-functional room, which is why your visit to the bathroom should always be a pleasant one. However, when your bathroom is lacking in space, a small, dark room may encourage undesirable feelings, which can taint the occasions you spend in it. Whether attempting to relax in a hot bubble bath to wind down from a stressful day or to lock yourself away for a few minutes of you time away from the pitter patter of demanding children, your bathroom should look and feel spacious, airy and fresh. The tips below can help you to create more physical space and the illusion of space for a better bathroom experience, to improve yours and your families time spent in the bathroom.

Free Space

Bulky under the sink cabinets, storage crates filled with toys and baskets of lotions and potions, are probably part of the problem of why your bathroom is lacking space. By decluttering the nail polish collection brimming the bathroom shelves, the endless bottles of perfumes and collections of shower gel bottles with a smidge of soap left, you can remove the lot and make room instantly. After all, how many shampoos does one need at any one time? Only keep the daily essentials in your bathroom, and find a home elsewhere out of the way for everything else, and there you have it, more space.

Shower Screen

Although shower curtains are a cost-effective option for the bathroom, the negatives far outweigh the positives. Such as the curtain being left damp on a regular basis is prone to mold, it becomes discolored over time, and it’s quite easy for little ones to yank on. Not to mention it reduces the appearance of space by essentially cutting off the majority of your bathroom by literally dividing the room with a curtain. The better alternative to this is to install shower doors made from glass. This solution allows light to pass through, without restricting on space.

Room Color

An obvious option is to overhaul your wall color, which means busy, garish patterns go in the bin and pastel, neutral, light-reflecting colors take the spotlight. In the attempt to cover a dark, bold color, you may need to use an undercoat of white to help shield the dark hues. Otherwise, the dark undertones or patterns of your existing wall color may peer through your neutral paint choice.

Looking Glass

The power of a mirror allows the instant reflection of a small space, posing the perception that the room is more significant in size and less claustrophobic than it actually is. Refrain from small detailed frame mirrors and opt for large wall filling pieces to enhance your bathrooms area. Aside from serving the purpose of increasing the look of the room, a large mirror is a useful addition to each and every bathroom.

The cost-effective DIY changes above will make a positive impact on relieving space and making the bathroom appear much bigger. In doing so, this room will feel airy, refreshing and a pleasant place to be in for you and your family.

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