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I’ve done a video review and unboxing on Kids on 45th before. I got so many questions about the service and it got so much attention, it allowed me to give some good feedback to Kids on 45th by request, which was so much fun to do. I’ve gone on and on in my previous reviews and on Instagram about my love for this “subscription” box that isn’t really a subscription – it’s super easy to skip a shipment because they send you quarterly reminders for a new season’s wardrobe and from there, you get to go into their website and customize what you need to ship or skip that season altogether. I typically use this as a good way to round-out my kids wardrobes – I check to see what they don’t have for the upcoming season and just request those pieces instead of the suggested pieces.

Kids on 45th is a real store, on 45th Street! We’re in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. We’ve been around for 29 years and focus on delivering the highest quality used kids gear available. When you sign up for our subscription wardrobes, you will receive a delivery in advance of each changing season, 4 times a year. The wardrobes can be paused or cancelled. Before each wardrobe ships, we will send you a reminder to update your child’s size and review the items in your shipment. You can even order a wardrobe mid-season if you’re missing something!

The majority of the clothing from Kids on 45th is pre-owned, but seriously guys. I’ve never had an issue with that. I am a huge fan of pre-owned clothing because it’s so much better for the environment and humanity than buying new, and these clothes are always in really nice condition.

With every box they include this packing slip, which shows the amount of each item purchased, the price of each item AND the sizes and name of the child, which is really nice for me since I order one box for both Monroe and Gibson. Ramsey normally gets Monroe’s hand-me-downs, plus a few new “just for her” pieces, so I skip her size since she always has plenty for all seasons.

The first little section on the packaging slip (I’m going in order here folks), is short sleeve shirts for Monroe. These shirts are $2.79 each from Kids on 45th, which is a great price point for me. I try to spend less than $3 a shirt when they’re switching sizes so fast! I requested three short sleeve shirts this time around since Monroe just moved into size 3T and I don’t quite have enough selection for her yet.

The neon orange shirt is from Garanimals. I love the design of this, and it almost looks like a crop top over a plain white shirt. The design is very in style and Monroe is just going to love it! The next shirt is by a company called Everbloom. I honestly haven’t heard of this company before, but this shirt is brand new with tags – and the price on the tag is $15! I love the flaired hem of this shirt, and the design is simple but oh so cute! The last short sleeve that I received is from Old Navy, and I love this plaid pattern on shirts! I have a ton of shirts like this, so Monroe will love that she gets to look just like Mommy. This one is in amazing condition and I can’t wait to try it on Monroe!

The next little category we have is long sleeve shirts. These were $3.99 each, which is a bit pricey for me, since I normally deal hunt my kids clothes at these sizes. I ordered three of these because winter is approaching quickly here in Arizona, and I only have a few long sleeve shirts for Monroe. Unfortunately, I won’t be using all of these.

The first one is a red fuzzy cardigan over a white shirt with a rhinestone heart clip on it. This is from a brand called Kidget. This one is okay, but it’s a bit reminiscent of Elmo, which isn’t super cute. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this piece, so I’m going to give it a fair chance. The second shirt is a striped turtleneck from Gymboree with a little doggie on the front. This one is cute, but I’m nor generally a fan of turtlenecks. I used to wear them a lot as a kid, so I’m hoping Monroe won’t mind. This just isn’t something that I would have picked out myself. The last long sleeve shirt is from The Childrens Place and ya’ll. I just can’t. It’s made out of corduroy, which just makes me cringe. It’s cute, but not cute enough to escape the fabric. I’ll be passing this one along.

The next category is skirts. Monroe LOVES skirts and would literally wear them everyday if possible, so I always try to grab some for her when I can. These were $3.79 each.

The first piece is a dark blue skirt from Circo, which is a brand that Target sells (or used to sell?). This one is really cute and will go with a ton of different stuff, so I’m sure this will definitely get some use – I just hope it’s in good enough condition when Monroe is done with it to be passed down to Ramsey! The second skirt is by Everbloom, and is brand new with tags. The tag price on this skirt is $30, so this is a total steal! Plus, it’s cute as Hell, so I’m crazy happy with this piece.

The next category for Monroe is pants. She doesn’t need a ton of pants, so I only grabbed two. These are priced at $4.49 each.

The first pair is a lighter cargo-ish type pants from Jumping Beans. This is cute and it has some floral detailing that Monroe will like. They’ll go well with a decent variety of tops, so I’m good with them. The second pair is a pair of pajama pants/leggings-ish pants with Care Bears on them! These are seriously so cute and Monroe loves Care Bears – she even has a few of the Care Bear Build-A-Bear collection, so these are a nice win for us.

Up next is dresses! Monroe’s number one favorite thing to wear, so I had to grab a couple. Kids on 45th has dresses priced at $4.29 each, which is pretty good price from what I’ve seen.

The first one is adorable! It’s got a hood, which is a huge plus because Monroe is hood-obsessed right now. It’s from Old Navy, it’s got long sleeves AND a pocket. This is definitely going to be a quick hit with Monroe. The second dress is a sleeveless/tank-top dress made out of . . . sigh . . . corduroy. It’s cute, but I’ll be passing this on as well.

The last piece for Monroe was a sweater/sweatshirt. These were priced at $5.99 each.

This piece ended up being a zip-up hoodie. Which is fine and all, but it’s not what I consider a sweatshirt. It’s a damn jacket. It’s adorable, but I’m a bit bitter because I literally ordered her a new hoodie from Target THE DAY BEFORE I got this box in the mail. :(. This one is from Crazy 8 and it’s got a floral pattern all over it, so she will probaly like it more than the pink puffer hoodie I ordered, which is kind of nice. I just want her to be happy! (LOL).

I only ordered a few things for Gibson since he is currently wearing 4T and has plenty for that size. I ordered 5T items to bulk up my stash for when he switches over to size 5T.

I got him three long sleeve shirts because he LOVES the button up collared shirts. Kids on 45th has a section where you can list what your child likes and dislikes in clothing, which is great because they always send a lot of these shirts for me since this is what I have as a “like” for Gibson. These were $3.99 each.

The three shirts I got are from Crazy 8, Sonoma Life + Style, and the Children’s Place. The only issue I have with these is the sizing. All of these shirts are size 5-6, not 5T. I understand they’re similar, but these are huge and much larger than my 5T clothes. It’s not a huge deal since I can add them to his size 6 stash, but it’s a little irritating because if I *needed* the 5T size, I don’t think I would have been able to use these.

The next couple of pieces I got were pants. I asked for two pairs of pants and these were $4.49 each.

The pair of jeans is from a brand called PSNY and are size 5R. I honestly don’t know what size that is, but they are super long. It’s a bit concerning, but not the end of the world because I can always store them until he fits into them. The second pair of pants is a pair of black slacks that have no brand name listed. The tag says they are part of a 4 piece set, and they are size 5. These will be good with nicer shirts for pictures.

The last thing I got for Gibson was a sweater/sweatshirt. These are also $5.99, just like the girls sweaters.

This sweater is from Crazy 8 and is a size small (5-6). I knew by looking at this it wasn’t a 5T. I haven’t had any children in 5T before, so I don’t know the sizing difference between 5T and 5-6 – Hell, they could even be the same size. Either way, I am in love with this sweater and I’ll just store it away for now and pull it out when he can fit into it comfortably.

I really love Kids on 45th, but this was the first box that I had a couple of issues with. They’re not huge issues and I still recommend them. They have amazing customer service, so I’m sure if it was a larger problem and I decided to contact them I could get the issues resolved fairly easily. It’s just not a huge deal to me, so I’m okay with letting it go. I will definitely order from them again and I can’t wait to see what I get next time!

Do you buy new or gently used clothing for your kids? Have you ever heard of Kids on 45th?

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