Taking A Measured Approach To Online Life As A Parent

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If you’ve been paying attention for the last number of years, you’ve likely noticed just how many devices seem to have sprung up. iPhones, Nintendo Switches, tablets, laptops, they all seem to occupy every single aspect of our existence. It’s hard to go a day without interacting with some form of screen. It’s easy to lament this. Perhaps this isn’t the best way for society to go. But it’s here, and shows no sign of stopping. To restrict your teenager from interacting with any of this would be considered a means of holding them back from what society is all about.

However, it’s not all bad. If we look forward and are open-minded, we might be able to take a measured approach to this new flow of life. You just need to keep the following in mind:

Social Media

Social media isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, there could be considered many positive effects of social media. It can help you connect to your friends and your child too. However, it must be appropriately measured and controlled through solid and stringent parental means. You just need to keep on top of things, ensure you know all of your child’s accounts, and monitor their internet history to ensure they’re not stumbling upon negative content that could be considered less than suitable for them to access. Add them as friends on social media also. Own personal accounts. This can help you speak to them through these platforms if you need to get access to them at school and they have limited signal but are connected to WiFi, or can generally help you curate their content more appropriately.


Of course, online life yields many benefits, but the main one could be considered the easy access of education online. Courses are important to access. You can help your child keep this in mind. Websites such as Kahn Academy or even programs that your child’s school signs up to can be used in order to support revision, ensure new topics are met, and allow you to bring education to your child with support. If you’re struggling to help them with their homework, it could be taking a simple refresher course for half an hour here might help you understand with more depth just what they’re trying to accomplish.


Well controlled by a loving parent, there are many online entertainment options that could prove beneficial for your child. For example, there are many teenage-direct science and history shows on the internet such as Crash Course World History, which offers an overview of some of the topics potentially needed for school. Entertainment is an important and promising thing for a child to consume, as it is for you, but with a little direction, you can help direct them from the vapid vlogging and streaming culture and towards something a little more constructive, and a lot more wholesome.

With these tips, taking a measured approach to online life as a parent could be considered one of the healthiest options available to you.

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