Worst House On The Street? It’s Time To Put Things Right!

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As the old adage goes, it’s better to have the worst house on the best street, than the best house on the worst street. However, worst house on the street is a title that none of us want to claim- especially if we’ve lived in our home for a while! If your property sticks out like a sore thumb amongst your neighbours perfectly kept abodes it can be a little embarrassing. It’s not about keeping up with the Jones’, rather, having a home that you’re proud of and happy to come home to each day. Our homes are the biggest investments we’ll ever make, so it’s worth taking care to make sure that they look nice on the outside as well as the inside. Here’s how you can pretty up your property and give it some kerb appeal!


Clean the windows and doors

So simple but a really effective way to make your home look nicer from the outside, especially if it’s been a long time since they were done! If they’re in really bad condition then replacing them would improve your kerb appeal as well as make your home more energy efficient. But in many cases, a careful clean will make them look better from the outside. Don’t forget around the window sills and ledges too. 

Paint fences and garage doors

Outdoor paint is pretty hard wearing but it doesn’t last forever. Being exposed to the elements can cause it to fade, leaving your home looking a little sorry for itself. On a dry weekend, purchase some outdoor wood paint and a sprayer and go round repainting all of your woodwork. If your garage door is faded then you could paint that at the same time, if your front door is wood then painting them both to match would make the property look smart. Garage doors can fail after a while, if yours isn’t performing well then have it replaced by a professional.

Tidy the garden

Gardens don’t require that much work at this time of year. Nothing much is growing, although you could add winter flowering blooms to pots, hanging baskets and borders if you want to. Just make sure that the lawn is cut (do it on a dry day to prevent damaging it) and pull up any weeds. Trim back any trees, bushes or shrubs that look untidy, and move things like wellies or bicycles from the front of the house. If any leaves or litter has blown through, use a rake to get it up.

Add lighting

An outdoor light can make a property look more kept and homely, but it’s also good for preventing burglaries. Many thieves will target a property just because it’s easy, an outdoor light draws unwanted attention to them. You could fit a cute lantern style light with a smart bulb, that way you can program the time and brightness for it to go on and off. Otherwise you could choose a light which has motion detection on, so comes on whenever someone comes up the path. 

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