Top Tips To Hide Your Homes Ugly Spaces

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No home on earth is perfect, and many of us find that we have to make significant compromises in order to get onto the property ladder. The home we end up in will undoubtedly have some features that we like – perhaps it’s in a lovely area, or has a larger than average garden – but there will also probably be some features we aren’t so keen on. So, what can you do? Turns out there are quite a few fixes that can remedy or visually minimise areas of your home that you aren’t so keen on… 

Screen Out Less Than Pretty Views

Your house may be beautiful, but what if the neighbouring properties aren’t? We actually spend most of our time not looking at our own house but onto those of others. Or you could live close to other undesirable views – a busy road, a factory or car park or somewhere else less than picturesque. Simple, low key sheer blinds or special sprays which make your window glass opaque can really help. They still let the light filter through, but help disguise ugly features outside that you’re otherwise obliged to look at. If the glazing needs replacing you can even look at options with tinted or part-frosted energy saving glass – do your homework first by searching wood windows Chesterfield or similar for your area to find a specialist supplier. 

Update Ugly Furniture

When starting out, especially if you’ve made the leap from a small rented space into a family home, suddenly you need a lot of furniture. A lot of people end up taking old pieces from family or picking up freecycled or cheap second hand pieces to get something in place, intending to go through and replace everything later when they have the cash. The trouble is, often it can take a lot longer than you think to replace everything. So what do you do about that violently patterned sofa in the meantime, or those stained dining chairs? Throws can be your friend in this case. Choose a colour and pattern you love, get creative with draping, add a few statement cushions, and you could almost forget what’s underneath! Similarly, it’s easy to recover dining room chair seats with a fabric you like and a heavy-duty staple gun. Touches like this can really alter the whole feel of a room. 

Revamp Fitted Wardrobes 

Plenty of older properties come with fitted wardrobes which are great for storage, but less than picturesque. Luckily, they are quite easy to makeover. If you’re faced with a sea of ugly orange pine, you can paint your wardrobe fronts a more neutral colour and switch up the handles for something a little more modern that gives a whole new look. You can also use wallpaper or patterned adhesive contact paper to liven it up and turn it into a good kind of statement! 

It’s Curtains For Ugly Features 

Most homes have some features that are more functional – they definitely need to be there but they aren’t pretty! Curtains can really help to disguise areas you’re less keen on, such as your washing machine and dryer. You don’t even have to get drilling – tension rod works really well for this. Choose some fabric you love and you’ve got a way to instantly screen away the ugliness and create a more streamlined look.

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