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It’s that time of year again! As I’m sure we all know by know, Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. And one of my favorite Christmas traditions are the stockings. There’s just something so cute about stocking stuffers and the whole damn ordeal. The worst part of them is trying to figure out good stocking stuffers for those younger folk. I’m actually really proud of myself this year and I think I picked some damn good stuff, so today I’m going to share with ya’ll what I’m putting in my kids stockings. For reference, I have a 10 month old, a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 year old. 

I got these stockings from Zulily a while back, and I had them made for the whole family. I love that all of them match and there is absolutely no confusion about whos is whos since each one is personalized! 

I’m going to go in age order here, so I’ll start with Ramsey’s stocking. She is 10 months old and will be 11 months old on Christmas. It was important to me to get items she would want to play with, but were safe. The younger you go, the harder stocking stuffers are to buy, it’s so crazy.

I went with a couple of plush dolls for her. She loves the “lovey” type of stuffies, so I got her a couple of mid-size ones that would fit in the stocking nicely, but also be easy for her to hold and carry around. I grabbed a pair of little booties for her since she desperately needs another pair. 

I also got a couple of Little People single figurines. All of the kids are obsessed with Little People, and even Ramsey has a blast when we have a Little People play-time before bed. I got some Rudolph themed baby toys. I got a little Rudolph themed car from the stocking stuffer section in Target, and a rattle/teether toy. 

For Monroe’s stocking, I had a ton of options to pick from. Monroe is 2 1/2 years old.

She LOVES dressing up and playing pretend, so I grabbed her a kids infinity scarf and some kid-safe nail polish. She has recently started playing with her 18-inch dolls a ton, so that was a huge focus for me this Christmas, so I got her doll a pair of shoes, some pajamas (since dressing them up is the most fun part), a mini laptop and a set of underwear (Monroe is working on potty training, so this is great “example” for her to learn from!)

And then of course, the obligatory Christmas candy! 

Gibson is 4 years old. He is dying to go school, and we normally do some mild homeschooling workbook and hands on lessons pretty regularly, so I wanted to get him some fun stuff for that. I got him some of those jumbo pencils, a Mickey Mouse pen and some Mickey Mouse shaped crayons.

I also got him some little army men and superheros because he is very into Toy Story and loves the army men from that movie and they will go perfect with his other Toy Story toys. 

And of course, he gets some candy too! I normally would have gotten him flash cards or other activity sets, but we have so many of those from previous years and I just wanted to mix it up a bit this year.

What are you putting in your kids stockings this year? Do you have anything that goes in every year as tradition?

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