Boxycharm Review & Makeup Look! | November 2018

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November 2018 Boxycharm

If you’re a makeup lover and you still aren’t subscribed to Boxycharm, you are 100% missing out. Seriously. 

Boxycharm is $21.00 a month and each month you get 4-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more!

And now, they have BoxyLuxe, which I’ll be getting starting with my December box! I can’t wait to share with you all what BoxyLuxe includes and more information about the upgraded program, but since this month is a normal Boxy month, I wanted to share this with you too. I haven’t done a Boxycharm Unboxing & Review since July of 2017

This one is a little bit late, since I wanted to have time to really test out these products and make some decent opinions on them. Without furthur ado, he we go!

This is the look I did using all of the products from this months Boxycharm – except for the lashes, but more on that later. 

This month came with 5 products: 

CoverFX Glitter Drops in Nova ($44). These are ultra-concentrated drops of multi-dimensional glitter. I love this because it’s a multi-use product; it can be used alone, under or over makeup, or mixed into foundation or moisturizer! I actually have several of their similar products that I like to used as a highlight, so this will joining that collection. For this look, I used the drops on top of my foundation and concealer, but under my powders. I wanted a wearable look, so I used this very sparingly. And then I placed powder highlight on top of it after I did the rest of my face makeup. I like that you can barely tell in pictures (it’s more noticeable in person), but it creates a very beautiful glow.

Ace Beaute Grandoise Palette ($24.99). I’m going to be completely honest here, I have never heard of this brand before. However, I am super impressed by this palette. And that’s why we buy these subscription boxes, right? We want to be exposed to new products and new brands. This palette has 4 shimmer shades and 4 bold mattes. I was really impressed by the pigmentation of these shadows and also how easy it was to blend them. They work just as well as my bougie Urban Decay and Juvia’s Place shadows. I can definitely see myself reaching for this on a regular basis. The shimmers alone make my glitter-bleeding heart happy.

I mean, can we just take a moment and appreciate what Ace Beaute has bestowed on us? 

Luxie Luminous Eye Set ($21). Boxycharm and Ipsy introduced me to Luxie brushes and I am such a fan girl now. These brushes are legit and I love that Boxycharm sends out sets of them periodically. This set is a limited edition collaboration with Boxycharm, but Luxie is selling it for a limited time. This comes with 4 synthetic eye brushes that are exclusively wrapped for Boxycharm. Let’s talk about that first. THEY ARE GLITTER EYE BRUSHES. Yes please, take my money, next. You get four brushes with this: the Luxie 141 Mini Round Brush, which is really great for smudging or smoking out your lower lash line, the Luxie 121 Mini Tapered (for blending out your crease), the Luxie 111 Mini Flat Angled brush (really helpful for blending out harsh lines or to pack on product to your lid), and the Luxie 131 Mini Angled (great for adding color or highlight to your brow bone). I love these brush sets and this one is really nice and cohesive and is great for an eye look. These were the only eye brushes I used today.

Jonteblu Glittering Star Eyeliner ($5). This is a specially formulated black glitter eyeliner pencil that goes on really smooth (especially for the amount of glitter in this sucker) and is surprisingly really long-lasting. I don’t tend to have the best luck with glitter liners, but this one really did take my by surprise. It went on with no tugging and even after wearing it all day, the glitter caused no irritation to my eyes. I couldn’t ask for more than that!

Lashaholic Lashes Instagram False Eyelashes ($14.99). These are really gorgeous lashes. Almost gorgeous enough to convince me to wear them. Okay, I’ma be straight with you – I cannot for the life of me figure out how to wear false eyelashes. I may have an embarrassingly large collection for someone who doesn’t know how to apply them (thanks, subscription boxes!), but I’ll learn one day! These lashes are are 100% vegan made from premium silk fibers! That just sounds luxurious.  

All in all, I’m really happy with this box. It’s a shame that I can’t quite use the lashes yet, but I am so obsessed with everything else that Boxycharm included that honestly, it doesn’t really bother me. I got the value that I needed to make this feel like a great deal! 

If you’re interested in the other makeup I used to create this look, I posted a picture of it on my Instagram, so feel free to head on over and check it out!

Do you subscribe to Boxycharm? Leave me links for lash tutorials!

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