A Stocking Filler Guide for the TV Lover In Your Life

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When TV first burst onto the scenes at the start of the twentieth century, few people could have predicted the impact that it would have on our culture. But make an impact it did; and even today, with all of the wonders of the internet, the television is a huge part of most people’s lives.

There are millions of people out there who love TV. Is someone you love among them? Here’s a holiday gift guide for the TV lover in your life.

Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection

Downton Abbey started like any other drama. But as the series wore on, it soon became clear that it had struck a chord in the public consciousness. Over time you couldn’t go to a single event or party without somebody mentioning the latest happenings in the series. It took over people’s lives.

Yes, Downton Abbey was “so last year,” but that doesn’t mean that the TV lover in your life has forgotten it: far from it. Get them the complete collection on DVD (at a discount if you can find it), and watch their face light up with joy when they open it.

Power Rangers Bathrobe

Power Rangers is one of those series that flies under the radar of many. But the combination of giant battling robots called “Zords,” hilarious baddies like Rita Repulsa, and the putty patrol, make it an instant cult classic. With the release of the new film, the franchise is experiencing something of a new lease of life, which might be why vendors like TV Store Online are now selling bathrobes. You can find bathrobes in black, red, green, yellow, and blue power ranger themes. It’s just a shame they didn’t make one for Alpha too.

Game Of Thrones Tumblers

Game of Thrones can sometimes get a bit tense. So it’s a good idea to start each new episode with a drink in hand – preferably a stiff one. Game of Throne tumblers come etched with memorable phrases from the show and, of course, the obligatory “Game of Thrones” slogan. Now your loved one can watch the political intrigue while enjoying a mild sense of inebriation. Nothing too serious.

Vintage TV Posters

Before the days of Netflix, studios advertised upcoming shows on posters placed in strategic locations around town. Those days are long gone., but the TV lover in your life might have a nostalgic longing for them to return.

You can purchase all kinds of TV posters for old series if you know where to look. And you can also have posters made up for new TV series, like Downton Abbey.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Although Star Trek starring William Shatner as James Tiberius Kirk kicked the whole Trek universe off at the end of the 1960s, it wasn’t until Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Jean-Luc Picard that the franchise really took off. Since then., we’ve had more than half a dozen films and numerous spin-off series. Get Star Trek: The Next Generation box set for the TV lover in your life

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