Christmas Activities To Try With Your Kids

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If you have children to entertain over the Christmas holidays – whether your own or those you maybe babysit for a friend or family member, you’ll know that Christmas is an exciting time for children, and although it may seem like there’s nothing much you can do with them without spending a fortune, getting really cold or watching the same movies over and over and answering never-ending questions about how many sleeps until Santa gets here, the truth is there are actually loads of great ways to keep kids happy and entertained over Christmas that are also very creative and you’ll probably have a lot of fun doing with them.

In this post we’re sharing with you just some of our favorites for you to try out.


Whether it’s cakes, Christmas cookies, or even different types of bread, the winter is full of delicious flavors and recipes that can make any kitchen smell incredible, and since baking is something that everyone can do together, it makes for a wonderful way to spend a few hours with children who will love to show off and eat their tasty creations after.


Although this is an activity that’s great fun any time of the year, it’s something you can do especially for Christmas and that kids will love. There are many places where you can buy scrapbooking materials such as card, stickers or even best vinyl cutting machine to really help with your scrapbooking efforts, and you can also buy scrapbooking kits that are probably a good idea for younger children.

Making Christmas Gifts:

Handmade gifts are not only lovely to receive, but are seriously fun to make, and will allow kids to be entertained for hours and feel a true sense of accomplishment when they are able to hand over a gift to someone that they made with their own hands. There are so many things you can make as Christmas gifts, such as cards, gift baskets and hampers, candles, decorative items like cushions, bath and body products, or even items of clothing such as hats and socks if you’re feeling ultra creative.

Making Christmas Decorations:

Just as with making gifts, the sense of accomplishment that comes with making your own decorations is a great one, and is something that adults and kids will both enjoy. The other great thing about making your own Christmas decorations is that you’re pretty much guaranteed they’ll be completely unique compared to anything you can buy in a store, and as with making gifts, there are also endless directions you can go in when it comes to decorations, such as baubles, figures, candles, lights, or table decor.

As you can see from this post, there are plenty of great fun and creative ways to keep the little ones entertained over the Christmas holidays that you can all enjoy together, so even if you don’t want to ty all of these, you can just choose the ones that appeal to you most and start letting your creative juices flow.

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