How To Design A Baby-Friendly Home

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Having a baby disrupts your life in all kinds of ways including the layout of your home. Reconsidering the decor of your home could be important not just for your child’s safety but for your sanity too. Here are just a few tips for designing a baby-friendly home.

Start baby-proofing

You don’t really need to start baby-proofing until your child has started crawling, but it can be worth getting it all done early in preparation. Some examples of baby-proofing could include putting all potentially dangerous/valuable items out of reach on shelves or locked away in cupboards. You may also want to guard stairs with a stair gate as well as protecting sharp corners with corner protectors. You can find more of these baby proofing tips on the web. Be prepared to adapt as you infant gets older (for example, once your infant is able to open doors, you may want to consider cupboard locks).

Set up baby stations in each room

It’s worth having a designated area for baby supplies in each room – namely supplies such as diapers, wipes and bibs. Try to place these in parts of the room that are most convenient such as the cabinet next to your side of the bed or the table next to your side of the sofa. By always having these supplies in arms’ reach, you won’t be running around the house as much and you’ll be able to control mess more easily.

Up your storage space

You’ll accumulate a lot more stuff once you have a baby. Extra storage units could be useful for baby clothes, supplies and toys. You can buy baby furniture such as wardrobes and chest of drawers for helping to organise your infants’ clothing. When it comes to toys, you may want to get a chest that you can easily pile the toys into once they’ve been played with. You may also need to free up some kitchen cupboard space for baby food and powdered milk 

and possibly bottles.

Think easy-to-clean

Babies are very good at making a mess. In the early days, it’s largely poop and puke that you need to look out for. Once they start crawling, you then have to worry about them getting stuff on their hands and wiping it on objects, not to mentions throwing food on the floor and treading into it. By choose easy-to-clean surfaces, you can make it much easier to keep on top of your infant’s mess. You may want to consider stripping away the carpets and opting for wooden floors – scrubbing food or baby sick out of a carpet isn’t fun, but it’s easy to simply mop or brush a wooden floor. As for your furniture, consider opting for leather or an easy-to-clean synthetic fibre. This will allow you to easily wipe up spillages without having to suffer permanent stains. You can even go so far as to repaint walls with a scrubbable paint so that it’s easier to clean these surfaces too.  

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