Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For The Man In Your Life

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With the holiday season upon us, there can be a lot of gifts to have to get. If you’re a parent then you have to think about your Santa duties, as well as things for teachers, neighbors, and other family members. But sometimes, men are just the hardest to buy for. It could be your partner, your dad, brother, uncle or friend, but still struggle with that to get them. It can be easy to go down the generic route, but there are plenty of other ideas and options out there. Here are some to help you choose something; are you done with your holiday shopping yet?



If the man in your life is one of those people that has everything, then what do you get them? This is where getting them an experience can really come in handy. You are helping to create memories for them, rather than getting them more and more things that they don’t necessarily want. It could be for a Broadway show, their favorite band or sports team, or perhaps something really different like an art show. Just check what is going on in your local area and choose something that they will like. There is also the added bonus of them needing someone to go with, so you often get to reap the benefit of the gift too.

Car Accessories

If your man drives a car, then something for the car can always be a practical gift. Not necessarily the most exciting gift out there, but certainly something that they would use. You could get them replacement floor mats, for instance, or even a car cleaning kit. If your budget stretches a little further, then it could be a good idea to get them a car gadget, like a satellite navigation system or a dash cam. They are often things people don’t want to spend on themselves for, but can be on the wish list.

Music and Headphones

No matter what age they are, they are likely to be interested in music on one way or another. If you know their exact taste, then it could be getting them discs of groups they love or sheet music if they play. New instruments and accessories can always be a good idea if the budget allows. Headphones are always a winner too, and again, there are so many different brands out there according to different budgets. 

Gifts For Hobbies

If the man in your life has a particular hobby, then it can be fun to get them something relating to that hobby. Take something like cooking or working out, for example; there are plenty of different things that can work well as gifts for things like that. New workout clothes, sneakers, weights, or a gym bag, for instance, or perhaps cook books, knife sets, or aprons if they are a budding chef. 

Have you got any other ideas that you would add to the list? It would be great to hear what you think about this.

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