Tips For Holiday Party Planning: Everything You Need For A Festive Feast

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Are you planning a gathering this Christmas? Have you got friends or family coming over for a drink on Christmas Eve or are you getting everyone together for the big day? If you’re preparing to be the best host on the block, here are some party planning tips to save on stress and ensure your guests leave rave reviews. 

Choosing a theme

If you plan to decorate your home for the gathering, it’s a great idea to choose a theme. You could opt for a color scheme, for example, gold and white or red and green, or you could go for famous characters if you’re catering for kids, or your favorite festive movie if you fancy injecting some serious fun and encouraging everyone to dress up. Once you’ve got a theme, you’ll know what to wear, and you’ll have a basis for choosing decorations for the walls and accessories for the table. 

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Food and drink

If you’re going with a theme, run with it, and get creative with your food and drink options. If you’ve chosen a rustic, festive feel with wreaths, foliage on the table and red and white candles, why not look for a Christmas sangria recipe and greet your guests with a traditional tipple? If you’re opting for something a little more modern, you could create your own Christmas cocktails. Figure out what kind of meal you want to serve. It’s wise to consider the party size when exploring options. If you’ve got lots of guests and you’re catering for all age ranges, it may be best to do a buffet of hot and cold party food and sharing platters. If you’ve got a smaller party, and you’re planning to host a chic dinner party, you could so some canapes and then a 3-course sit-down meal. If you’re struggling for ideas for dishes, or you need some inspiration for themed presentation, the Internet is a wonderful resource. You can add festive touches with garnishes such as red berries and holly leaves, and you can order decorated paper or plastic plates and napkins, which are ideal for buffets and finger food. 

When you send out invitations, it’s always beneficial to ask about dietary requirements, and also to specify an RSVP date so that you know how many people you’re providing for. 

Atmosphere and entertainment

You’ve got the food sorted, you’ve chosen a theme, and your home looks brilliant. Now, it’s time to focus on creating the right atmosphere and providing entertainment. Create a playlist to get people in the mood, and think about games you could play and activities you could put on to keep your guests amused. Family-friendly quizzes, board games, and karaoke are ideal for all-age parties, for example. 

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Are you in charge of hosting the gathering of the year this Christmas? If you’ve been charged with party planning, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Start by writing a guest list, sending out invitations, and choosing a theme. Next, think about what kinds of food and drinks you’d like to serve, figure out how many people you’re catering for, and order some decorations. Finally, once you’ve planned your menu and ordered your food, turn your attention to injecting some serious fun.

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