7 Fab Home Date Night Ideas

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Dating when you’ve got kids is tough. We don’t all have family close by to babysit, and even those of us that do don’t want to keep asking, or don’t always have the opportunity. You might not want to leave your kids with strangers, or you might just like spending your time at home, together as a family. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and there’s nothing wrong with turning into a bit of a homebody as you settle into family life. It will undoubtedly save you money on going out. 

But, it’s essential that you do date your partner. Maintaining a relationship with your partner once you’ve had children is tough, and many couples find that those first few years of parenthood leaves them looking for a divorce lawyer. The occasional date night gives you a great chance to be a couple again, instead of just parents. It gives you time to catch up and reconnect with each other. It can help you to find your romantic spark, which often gets lost when we’re busy with kids, and it can help you to maintain a healthy and fun relationship. Here are some fabulous home date night ideas, that you can do without the need for a babysitter. 

Watch a Film


At this point, you might be thinking “we sit on the sofa and watch TV every night, how is this different?” But it can be. Chances are you usually have the TV on in the background, while you both sit on your phones or tablets. This isn’t a date night. 

Buying or downloading a new film that you were both keen to see, but missed at the cinema, getting popcorn and cinema snacks, leaving your devices in another room and cuddling up together, is a very different experience. 

Cook A Fancy Dinner


You probably eat together most nights too. But a family dinner trying to get the kids to eat their vegetables before they go for baths isn’t exactly romantic. Put the kids to bed early, and spend some time cooking something special together. Go for a full three-course meal and eat at the table in candlelight for a more romantic dinner. 

Play a Board Game

Board games are great fun and a brilliant way to enjoy each others company. Get some of your old favourites and introduce each other to classics from your childhood. 

Talk to Each Other

Put your phones down, turn the TV off and merely chat. Talk about your days, ask each other questions and just be together. 

Plan a Trip

Planning a vacation can be great fun. Look online, start making some notes, and even look into the little details of your destination together. Get excited about something that you are doing together in the future. 

Get a Takeaway

If you don’t want to spend your date night in the kitchen, order your favourite takeout. Enjoy it, then leave the washing up for the next day. 

Try a New Hobby

Think of something that you’d like to try together. Something like painting or modelling that you can do at home and learn together. Look online for great hobbies that you could try. 

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