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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette ($54)

I remember when the Urban Decay Naked Palette first came out. It was incredibly exciting for the makeup community and a nice change of pace from Urban Decay’s original look. Since then, they’ve released an entire collection of “naked” palettes and I’ve been collecting them as they come. I was a bit late with this one, but I am finally the proud owner of Naked Heat! This is such a stunning palette and includes my favorite color range. Today, we are going to be diving headfirst into this beauty and exploring all of its pros and cons.


To start with, the packaging is gorgeous, as are all of the naked line. The palette comes with a Double Ended Blending/Detailed Crease Brush which is actually a really nice quality. The palette feels sturdy and closes with an audible “snap”. Naked Heat contains 12 amber-hued neutral shades. Each pan is 0.05 oz. These shadows may contain mica, which some people aren’t fans of so that is something to keep in mind.

Let’s look at the first six shades.

Ounce is an ivory shimmer that feels buttery and creamy.
Chaser is a light nude matte that also has that buttery aspect and blends so beautifully.
Sauced is a soft terra-cotta matte. This one is a bit on the chalkey side, but it makes a beautiful crease color and does blend well.
Low Blow is a brown matte. This is another gorgeous crease color that goes on so smoothly with my finger and a brush – so it’s easy to place wherever you need it.
Lumbre is a copper shimmer with gold pearl shift. This is one of my favorite shades throughout the entire palette. It’s got the prettiest color shift and it just gleams in the light in a way that draws everybody’s eyes up to mine.
He Devil is a burnt red matte. This is a an easy-to build color that I actually like to use in my crease. It provides a nice pop of color while still being semi-neutral and easy to take from day to night.

The next six shades are my personal favorites!

Dirty Talk is a metallic burnt red. OMG, talk about stunning. I love metallics and glitter shades and this does not disappoint. Even better, there is not fallout and this blends so beautifully and has a butter texture.
Scorched is a metallic deep red with gold micro-shimmer. I’m sorry, did you read that description? This is my favorite shade hands down. This is my dream shadow color and I’m so amazed by it.
Cayenne is a deep terra-cotta matte. This blends out to a nice subtle shade and it goes on smoothly.
En Fuego is a burgundy matte. This is the chalkiest shade in the bunch and it’s the most difficult to work with in all ways.
Ashes is a deep reddish-brown matte. This is similar to En Fuego as far as texture goes, but it is a bit easier to blend out.
Ember is a deep metallic copper-burgundy. I normally don’t love super dark shades like this, but Ember has a beautiful color shift and sheen that I just can’t get enough of and is perfect for outer corners.

Here are all of the shades swatched. As you can see, the chalky shades are easy to point out. And the metallic shades are breathtaking.

Even considering the chalky shades, I do recommend this palette to anyone that like this color scheme. 90% of the palette are hits and I’m okay with a couple of small misses. The chalky shades are still usable, they just take a little extra work.

What do you think of this palette? Is it a hit or a miss for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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