9 Easy Ways To Add Texture To Your Lounge

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In many ways, texture is what makes a home. Imagine a lounge with no texture. Where the walls are flat and plain, there’s no textiles or depth, and everything is just flat and lifeless. It wouldn’t have personality. It wouldn’t be warm or cozy, and it certainly wouldn’t be a place that welcomed you at the end of a hard day. 

Texture gives your lounge warmth. It helps you to create a welcoming and cozy space. A place that you are happy to relax and be yourself, but also somewhere you feel proud to invite guests. It turns your lounge into an inviting and social space, as well as your own private haven. It can even help you to save money on your heating bills. Here are nine easy ways to do it. 


Thick Curtains

Hanging thick curtains is a great way to add texture to your home. When closed, they work to keep the warm air in, but even when open, thick, heavy curtains add to the atmosphere of your room, making it cozy and impressive. Heavy drapes, especially if they are velvet or similar also make your room feel more expensive and luxurious. 

Add a Rug

If you’ve got carpet, you might think that you don’t need a rug. But, adding a rug even to thicker carpet is a cool way to layer your textures. It gives you an extra way to add color and style to your room, as well as warmth and comfort. 


Cushions and chunky knit pillows are an excellent way to add texture. They work exceptionally well if you’ve got a large sofa or even a large room. Adding cushions again layers materials, but it also makes your sofa and chairs instantly more enticing. 

Throws and Blankets

Throws and blankets work much like cushions but with the added value of warmth. Blankets and throws on your sofa and chairs add texture, but they also give you options. 

Include Different Fabrics

Different, and contrasting fabrics together, or near each other, increase the appearance of texture. Highlighting difference is a great way to maximise impact. A silky cushion on a velvet soft, or a chunky knit cushion or blanket next to a sequined cushion can look fabulous. 

Soft Lighting


Textures and materials themselves aren’t the only way to add texture. Lighting options can completely change the atmosphere and appearance of a room. Add soft options like candles and lamps and your rooms will feel cozier and warmer. 


Too many accessories can look overcrowded and fussy. But, too many empty surfaces can look cold and flat. Add texture with vases filled with fresh flowers, houseplants and photos in frames. 

Add Things to Your Walls

Empty walls can also look flat and cold. Add pictures, clocks, wall hangings and canvases to add depth and texture. Try to use different shades of the same color scheme, as well as different materials to maximise the impact. 

Dress Your Furniture

Look at your furniture as something to dress. See each piece as an opportunity to add texture. Be it with accessories or textiles.

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