The Problems Homes Can Face During The Winter Months

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Winter is one of those seasons that you just have to get through. Some people love it. It brings with it snowy weather, festive scenes and a New Year in which you can make resolutions and goals. Others really don’t like it, because the weather can really be an issue. Not to mention the illnesses you can get and also the feeling of low mood due to the highs of Christmas and then the lows of January. Feeling the pressure with money and such. 

I guess that winter can be a mixed bag for most. But the one thing that can cause you issues is your home. Your home is at the perils of the winter weather and not only that, but it can come under seige in other areas to. So it was about time to put together some tips to help you and your home face the problems that may present themselves to you. 

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Problems within your home 

One of the biggest problems your home can face during the winter months is that you have the issues of the weather. The weather can be completely unpredictable, and let’s be honest, summer can have its fair share of issues to. But the winter months traditionally seem to be the time of year where you have bad storms, extreme snow, and the temperatures drop. It is important to be aware of some of the problems you can face in advance, as often defence is the best offence, which means that you can make sure that things are in good condition, or at least prepared for the bad weather to come. Here are some of the potential problems that you could face in your home. 

Gutters causing leaks

One of the first things you could come across when the winter weather hits is issues with your gutters. During the fall, you will have noticed that all of the leaves will have dropped from your trees. There is a a lot of debris to deal with, and you may well have cleared it all away in your garden. Having it look tidy and ready for spring the following year. But, did you clear it away from the gutters on your home or the drains? If you don’t, then this can cause huge blockages. When the rain starts to fall, it has nowhere to drain off to, which can then cause leaks due to the weight on your gutters. It can also cause blockages in your drains, which can then lead on to floods in your garden. Cleaning the gutters and drain areas before the bad weather sets in will have them working the way they should. 

Pipes freezing 

The freezing temperatures that any of us can face in the winter can be quite hard to handle at the best of times. But the issue your home has with it comes down to your pipes. The pipes that access your home from the outside for things such as water. If those pipes freeze over, then you don’t get the water that you need feeding into your home. However, not only is that an issue, you also face the possibility that those pipes will burst and crack once the temperature begins to rise. The ice may have expanded them in a way that cannot be fixed. But, before the bad weather turns, if you add a layer of insulation to those pies, such as a foam casing, then that could keep the water temperature just one of two degrees warmer than the outside temperature, causing the possibility of freezing to decline. 

Weather causing damage 

We may have already discussed the weather in terms of rain and freezing temperatures, but there are also storms that you may be faced with. High winds, hurricanes and rain storms can hit your towns when you least expect it, and this can cause damage to your home in many different ways. Damage can be caused to windows, if something has blown into them like a tree branch or swinging wire from a pole outside. Damaged windows can be quite daunting at first, but glass repairs are something that can be easily rectified if needed. Other damage can be caused to the brick work, to your roof, and even to your car and outbuildings. Many storms that we face are predicted, and so it is always worth keeping an eye on weather reports, so that you can do due diligence to ensure that things are as safe as they can be should the storm hit with severity. 

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Heating and water issues

There is nothing worse than getting home on a cold day, or waking up and walking downstairs, to find that your heating system is not working as it should be. It can be a huge disaster. It always happens on the coldest day of the year, right? However, while you can never predict if this is going to happen, you can do things to help prevent it from happening. Getting your heating and water system checked out regularly and having your boiler serviced can help you to ensure that you keep things working and good order. Plus if a part looks like it is on its way out. then getting it replaced or at least being aware of it, can help you to fix the issues far quicker. 

Leaking roof

Rain, rain go away, but alas, during the winter, the rain can hit your home hard, and this can cause extra pressure on your roof. Especially if there has been some severe weather in terms of wind previously. Roof slates can move, and so with that will cause leaks into your home. The issue you have with your roof, is that you may not even know there is a problem, until the interior of your home starts to suffer. Many people have attic and loft spaces in which a roof would leak into at first. If there is a storm taking place, get your roof checked, or at the very least have someone look at it afterwards to ensure know slates have moved. 

Having to do the yearly chores

Winter often means that there are certain yearly chores that you need to get done ahead of the season starting. It can often make things easier on you when it comes to the bad weather, help to avoid issues taking place, and certainly have you feeling safe, warm and relaxed in your home on those terrible days that may arrive. However, not all of us like doing them, espciallywhent the weather has turned colder. It may be a good idea to schedule these chores in ahead of the winter months. That way you know you have that peace of mind. 

Clearing away debris and mess

We have already discussed the issue that debris and fallen leaves can cause from the fall during the winter if not cleared away. So this is serving as a reminder that this needs to bedone to avoid you getting blockages. Floods can take ages to dry up and drain, especially during the winter when there is no warmth to dry it up. Clear away the gitters, but also ensure that your garden is clear and tidy ready for the winter months. Your future self will thank you for this. 

Making repairs due to damage 

Your home may be subject to some repairs that you won’t even be aware of during the summer, so it is always worthwhile popping it in your diary to survey your home for any damage ahead of any bad weather coming your way. This could be cracks in the walls, issues with pipes, and checking your roof. 

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Keeping your home safe

During the winter months you may find that your home isn’t as secure as it might be during the summer. There are reasons for that which include the darker nights. It gives a chance for opportunists to strike and enter your home, stealing your possessions. During the winter is the ideal time to ensure that you review your security within you home, so it may be worth thinking about some of the ways you can secure your home. 

A new alarm system or security cameras

Maybe a new alarm system is in order to help keep your home secure, after all, can you remember the last time your checked it or had your current system installed? An alarm system works well, not just as added security for you as the homeowner, but it can also be a big deterrent to burglars. If they see an alarm system on a home that also looks fairly new, they are less likely to try and enter that home due to the risks of being caught. Perhaps security cameras could also be considered, they can be great additions to your current alarm system, and also give you that added extra security. 

Fencing and boundaries

Finally, it is always worth checking your boundaries and fencing. This can be an issue with weather as well, so it is worth checking the stability of your fences around your home. Not only does it help keep people out, but the fencing can also be a little extra protection for your home against bad weather. 

Let’s hope these tips have you avoiding issues with your home during the winter months.

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