Preparing Your Home For The Tempestuous Teen Years

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Every potential parent knows that they’ll need to prepare their home for their new baby. Baby proofing is near enough the first thing any of us do for our children. We get rid of all those arty farty ornaments from our single days. Many of us even change our furniture for child-friendly alternatives. These are common-sense pointers which most of us know well before we decide to conceive.

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What you might not realize is that changes like these don’t only apply with a baby. You may assume that, once they reach school age, you can take back control of your household. But, that’s rarely the case. Did you know, for instance, that teenage-proofing should also be a priority? It may sound like a laughing matter, but you’ll soon see that this is a necessary part of raising teenagers. Fail to get on top, and you could find these tumultuous years a lot more challenging. Make sure that doesn’t happen by teen-proofing your home in the following ways.

Ensuring space for everyone’s privacy

Space is always a priority in a family home. But, it becomes an even more pressing priority when you have teenagers in the house. If you’re all living on top of each other, your home will become a warzone before you know. Teens need privacy. If you don’t provide that, you’re all going to be unhappy. That doesn’t mean you need to move to accommodate a teenager. But, it is worth considering a home extension or something like an attic renovation. This ensures you’ll all have space to stretch out and get the alone-time you need to cope with each other. 

Wiring which can withstand continual use

If there’s one thing teenagers love, it’s technology. Whether they can’t get enough gaming or spend hours online; screens will take up a large part of your teenager’s time in the house. If you have old or outdated wiring, that could cause issues. Before you know, you’ll be calling on an emergency electrician and dealing with the wrath of your once-sweet child. No one wants that. The next step to teen-proofing your home, then, is to check your electricals. You want to make sure that your wiring is as good as it can be. That may mean updating sockets, or even getting someone to upgrade your systems. Trust us; it’s an effort you’ll soon be glad to have taken. 

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Door frames which don’t shatter when slammed

Lastly, you may want to update your door frames. The classic teenage door slam is a cliche for a reason. If your little one is coming up to the big 13, your doors are in for a nasty shock. Your best chance of coping with that is to make sure that won’t fall down the moment they’re shut with too much force. That could mean upgrading them or just freshening them up with a coat of paint. You may even want to invest in no-slam options which save you needing to worry about this altogether. 

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