Your Living Room Can Be Your Oasis

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Creating a calm oasis in the house is a must. The bigger the children get the less time they will spend making mini messes and more time relaxing after school, and with friends. This makes it the perfect time to branch out, get rid of the old (potentially drawn all over) furniture. Turn your living room into a space that you can really relax and unwind in. Where do you start? Well, here are a few ideas for you…

Start With The Big

The heart of most living rooms is the sofa. Choosing the right one for your needs should be simple. But in reality, the couch is where a lot of people will inevitably sit, snooze, and congregate. It should be plush, but not too soft. Sturdy and ready to last for years and years. The leather sofa is great for a sleek look but not to everyone’s tastes from shorts in the summer. It is however much easier to clean down a leather couch than a fabric sofa. It pays to check out reviews, and it’s never been easier to do that then now. For example, you can go to ‘Sofamania reviews on Facebook’ and pick up a low priced stylish sofa for a snip of the price of some other stores.

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Finish With The Details

Blankets, cushions, the right rugs, and some well-placed candles can give you all of the finishing touches to bring your room to life. Textures like faux fur, thick wool, plush, hand knitted, and quilted are brilliant. You can pick them up in a range of sizes to suit your cozy need. Cushions are great for that little afternoon snooze that so many of us are so fond of. 

A great rug brings a room together they say, so find one that matches the colors of some of your cushions or favorite throws. Deep wool twisted rugs provide extra warmth to a room and aren’t too expensive to pick up. If you are particularly crafty, you might like to make your own bespoke rug for your living room. 

Put a pile of book that you are working your way through, or intend to read close by. So on those long winter evenings you can grab a blanket, one of those books and relax. 

Lighting make a big difference in any space. Lighting candles provide soft, warm light and a nice scent. Couple this with a nice uplighting lamp, and you create a more relaxing vibe. 

Love The Space

Sometimes when we initially overhaul a room, it stays super clean and tidy for a couple of weeks. And, as time goes by a shelf isn’t dusted, the cover of the room gets neglected, and you begin to resent the space that once was your little sanctuary. Stay on top of the few chores each day, and you’ll never get to the end of the day and not be able to relax. 

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